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    We Tried The Pepper Bra For People With Small Boobs And Truly Can't Stop Wearing It

    If you've ever wanted to cut up your bra and set it on fire...this review is for you.

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    If you're a boob-equipped person, you've probably seen the ads for Pepper, a startup bra company that's been getting hype in recent years for their ridiculously comfy bras made specifically for AA–B cups.

    model wearing red pepper bra and underwear set

    Anyone with smaller boobies knows that finding a bra that actually fits is one of life's greatest challenges. I'm usually a different bra size wherever I shop, ranging from a 32A to a 34B — as you can imagine, this makes things pretty confusing and, honestly, makes me stay away from bras on most days.

    As someone who's not a huge fan of wearing bras, I was curious about Pepper and decided to try them for myself, and asked my coworker and friend Brittany, as well as a few other members of the BuzzFeed Shopping team, to review them too. (TLDR: IT LIVES UP TO THE HYPE!!)

    model side-by-side wearing a normal bra with gapping, and a pink pepper bra that fits well

    "I — President Of The Itty-Bitty Committee, who's never been satisfied with bras because of how ill-fitting they always are — am a Pepper bra–owner for life from here on out. I received the Limitless Wire-Free Scoop Bra and the Mesh All You Bra as free press samples, thinking I’d just add to my cadre of OK-but-kinda-doing-the-job bras. Not so. I’ve since purchased more Pepper bras with my own money to replace all the bras I own in my drawer. They fit me like no other bra truly ever has with no pressure on the bands, no gaps with the cups, and no uncomfy straps that scratch or dig into my shoulders. I also love that the pads aren't overly padded. They’re hands down the best bras I've ever owned. Finally, I actually want to wear a bra now? It’s truly a new day." —Marquaysa Battle, BuzzFeed Staff

    I took their Size Quiz to figure out my size, then opted for the light-pink Classic All You Bra ($55). Pepper carries bras from sizes 30AA–40B.

    author photo closeup of the mesh on bra
    Allison Jiang / Buzzfeed

    The second I tried it on, I knew something felt different. Usually when I try on a bra, my reaction ranges from "I guess this works" to "get this off me." This time, though, I actually felt good about what was on my boobs! I thought, "Is this what it was supposed to feel like the whole time?" 

    This bra solved just about every issue I had with bras in the past, like cup gapping, slipping straps, and scratchy underwire.

    author photo wearing the bra
    Allison Jiang / Buzzfeed

    The straps are thin but somehow so comfy and durable. They have not slipped down my shoulders, even once. Not once! And I never have to do that thing where I have to adjust the band in the front, because it stays put all day without pressing into my skin uncomfortably. There's no annoying boob gap, no underwire that stabs me in the chest, and no scratchy material that makes me want to rip it off within an hour. If I were to say one thing, I would say be careful about pulling the mesh away from the cups, because it does seem it would become loose if you pulled on them too much.

    My favorite part is that it's made of an elastic material that is so comfy on the skin. The mesh is so soft, and, most importantly, it keeps my yiddies really secure and strapped in without pinching.

    author photo wearing the light pink bra from the side
    Buzzfeed / Allison Jiang

    I didn't think there was a huge issue with my old bras, but now that I've worn the Pepper bra, all of them feel itchy and rough in comparison. I've even stored away all my non-Pepper bras because I know I'm not going to reach for them (unless this one's in the wash).

    "If you’re a member of the Itty-Bitty Bitty Committee, you probably need a Pepper bra, end of story. Years of not finding 'real' bras that fit me (gaping empty cups, cups that were too close together for my lil’ wider-set boobs, unnecessary wiring or push-up padding that 'ups your cup size!') put me fully in the bralette camp, with no turning back. But my Pepper wireless scoop bra is really the best of both worlds. The design is just really smart for smaller boobs: The cups are shallower and shorter (NO GAPPING!), and the mesh panel at the front is not only cute — it keeps whatever you have going on lifted and supported, without being at all push-up like. The fabric is super soft, and it’s also just REALLY cute and comfy — the perks of a bralette but support of an Actual Bra. Also worth noting is how accurate the size chart was, I followed it closely and I ended up with the perfect fit!" —Maitland Quitmeyer, BuzzFeed Staff

    Brittany agrees that this bra is the holy grail for anyone who's experienced gapping or falling straps.

    author photo of a black pepper bra and a pink one on a white rug background
    Buzzfeed / Brittany Gibson

    "I’ve never raved about a bra before but Pepper is absolutely worth raving about. TBH I wasn’t looking for a new bra when I discovered Pepper. I thought the bras I wore for years fit normally — until an ad for Pepper showed up on my Instagram feed showing how bras are ACTUALLY supposed to fit. Apparently, you’re not supposed to have awkward gaps and straps that fall down all the time. The model in the ad had A cups, like myself, and their bra fit *perfectly*, so I figured I’d give it a try. I took a bra-sizing quiz and ordered two of the Mesh All You bras. I still wasn’t totally convinced these bras would be any different from the other bras I wore for years. Well, I can now admit I was absolutely wrong and Pepper bras are ~holy grail status~ for members of the IBTC. They’re SO COMFY. I thought I only liked big-name push-up bras with front clasps but somehow these bras give my boobs new life." —Brittany Gibson, BuzzFeed Staff

    There is no padding in these bras, and yet they lift and support your tatas in just the right way.

    author image of brown Pepper bra on white rug background
    Brittany Gibson / Buzzfeed

    "They have a push-up effect without extra padding (!!!) and the straps never fall down. The mesh on the bra is delicate, so I’d suggest washing it in a mesh bag (I’ve washed it without a mesh bag too, but I’d imagine washing it in its own bag will help extend its life — and these bras deserve to live forever)!" —Brittany Gibson, BuzzFeed Staff

    In conclusion: This is far and away the best bra I've ever tried, and I love it so much that I 1) have actually started to wear bras with my outfits and 2) volunteered to write this post. Plus, it's a woman-owned and Asian-owned small biz that deserves all the success in the world!

    It was also founded through a startup by two awesome ladies, Lia Winograd and Jaclyn Fu. They wanted to create a product for small-chested baddies everywhere who struggled to find bras that fit, and used $5,000 of their own money to start the company. 

    Get the Classic All You Bra from Pepper for $55 (available in six colors and sizes 30AA–40B) and shop the rest of their bras here.

    model with tattoos wearing brown pepper bra

    Pepper offers two underwire bras at $50 and $55, a lace option, a wire-free option, and a bralette

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