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    18 Comfy Dog Beds To Spoil Your Dog With Because They Deserve The World

    I'm not saying that looking through sleeping dog pics is like free therapy...but I'm not *not* saying it.

    1. A calming donut bed that's made with a deep crevice for your puppo to burrow into when they need a little comforting. It has over 41,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, and, quite frankly, it looks comfy enough to buy one for yourself.

    2. A Casper dog bed from the viral human mattress makers, engineered to give your doggo BFF a good night's sleep. Just like a mattress for yourself, you get a one-year warranty.

    3. An elevated dog bed with steel frames so your dog doesn't have to lie on the hot (or cold) ground, whether you're indoors or outdoors.

    black doggie lying on elevated orange dog bed

    4. An orthopedic memory foam dog bed reviewers say is a wonder worker for older dogs who need the joint support, and also jumbo doggos who can't find orthopedic dog beds big enough for them to be comfortable! On top of all that, the liner is water resistant.

    5. An orthopedic bed for big dogs, so your jumbo floof will be able to stretch out to their heart's content. Big Barker beds are domestically handmade and formulated for the specific health problems bigger dogs face.

    6. A soft dog bed that'll definitely fuel some fire doggy naps — like the ones where they snore and chase rabbits in their sleep. It has over 42,000 5-star ratings on Amazon and, according to reviewers, is durable as heck.

    7. A dog bed with a hood. I shouldn't have to say anything more (LOOK AT THEM 😭), but this is great for little pups who love to burrow and anxious dogs who need some extra security during harrowing storms and/or vacuum sessions.

    8. A memory foam car bed with adjustable straps so your pup stays locked in for the ride, and keeps them completely supported due to the human-grade memory foam.

    9. An orthopedic dog bed with a huge size range, a removable cover, and memory foam that won't budge an inch, designed with your dog's joint health in mind.

    10. A Chuckit! travel pillow dog bed for dogs who are just trying to ~chill~ with you whenever you go, whether that's on a camping trip or sipping on some water at an outdoor restaurant.

    little pup resting on travel bed on the grass

    11. A cooling dog bed made with micro-gel beads that wick away heat from your furry furnace. It also has velvet bolsters to rest their little heads on while they take their nice, cool nap. Am I jealous of a dog right now?

    12. A dog cave–style bed that's a literal cuddle pouch for your pooch to feel like they're being held even if you're not home. If nothing else, get this thing to be able to take the cutest photo of your dog you'll ever get.

    13. An affordable high-walled dog bed your puppo will snuggle into immediately, thanks to the super-soft fabric and all-around bolster.

    14. An outdoor dog bed with a roof for the backyard doggy who refuses to go inside, even if it means sitting in the blazing sun or rain.

    big brown dog lies in outdoor elevated dog bed with roof

    15. A waterproof dog bed to withstand your vivacious dog's drooling and peeing, so that your fancy memory foam bed won't be ruined by one accident.

    16. A cotton canvas dog bed filled with 100% recycled plastic, meaning it's great for dogs with allergies and owners who want an eco-friendly, all-natural dog bed.

    17. A stuff sack dog bed you can fill with your old clothes, pillows, and blankets to create an entirely washable, you-scented haven for your anxious doggie to rest on. You can pair it with the Molly Mutt cover or any other cover you want!

    18. A Sherpa dog bed that comes in sizes big enough for larger dogs to also enjoy lying in a big, soft, therapeutic bagel because they 👏 deserve 👏 to.

    This is going to be you taking all the cute pics of your snoring dog:

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