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    18 Comfy Dog Beds To Spoil Your Dog With Because They Deserve The World

    I'm not saying that looking through sleeping dog pics is like free therapy...but I'm not *not* saying it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A calming donut bed that's made with a deep crevice for your puppo to burrow into when they need a little comforting. It has over 41,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, and, quite frankly, it looks comfy enough to buy one for yourself.,

    Promising review: "I bought one of these for my dog after seeing the VERY expensive versions at PetSmart — I figured it wouldn't be the best quality, but the reviews were good so I figured I'd try it. In the past, Kobe would ignore his bed in favor of just laying on the floor, behind the couch, or on my bed. Ever since this came, he is OBSESSED with it. He lays in it all the time and looks SO cozy, I have never seen him like this with a dog bed before. There are nights he just sleeps in there instead of with me (which means I sleep better since he's not jumping on and off the bed throughout the night)! I didn't know what size to get —Kobe is about 18 pounds — but a small is perfect. I am so happy with this purchase that I just bought a second one for the family room so he can lay down there instead of on hardwood floors. And to clean it you just throw it in the washer. It's super durable; I've washed the first one at least five times already (Kobe's getting up there in age and will sometimes leak a little urine at night) and it is still in perfect condition. BUY THIS, your dog will love you." —Andrea L.

    Get it from Amazon for $25.17+ (available in four sizes and eight colors).

    2. A Casper dog bed from the viral human mattress makers, engineered to give your doggo BFF a good night's sleep. Just like a mattress for yourself, you get a one-year warranty.


    Promising review: "We have a senior pup who is a husky mix and has some old-lady hip problems (13 years young). She had previously been getting up a few times a night and asking to go outside (where it is cooler) probably because she was hot or uncomfortable. We have had our Casper for a little over a week and within the first day or two she was sleeping almost through the entire night!!! She has only gotten up one or two nights since receiving the bed. She also loves to sleep on her new Casper throughout the day instead of on our memory foam king-size bed, which is a real testament for this product! She isn’t as slow to get out of the bed like she was with her old bed. It’s worth the $$$ for our ol' girl to have some restful and painless sleep and the product is awesome quality. Plenty big for our fluff butt and super-duper easy to put together...took all of two minutes." —Boogy

    Get it from Casper for $129+ (available in three sizes and three colors).

    3. An elevated dog bed with steel frames so your dog doesn't have to lie on the hot (or cold) ground, whether you're indoors or outdoors.

    black doggie lying on elevated orange dog bed

    Promising review: "I have one of these cots for each of my dogs. They love them. We use them around the firepit, hanging on the deck, and laying in the sun. They’re a big hit when we have family or friends bring their dogs over as well. They’re cheaper than other brands but have held up really well. The cots are easy to clean and keep the dogs cool. I bought a large for my dogs, who are 40 pounds each. It gives them enough space to spread out and lay down comfortably." —Jeanette

    Get it from Chewy for $19.99+ (available in three sizes and five colors).

    4. An orthopedic memory foam dog bed reviewers say is a wonder worker for older doggos who need the joint support, and also jumbo dogs who can't find orthopedic dog beds big enough for them to be comfortable! On top of all that, the liner is water resistant.,

    Promising review: "This is the best dog bed that I have ever bought! It's easy to take the cover off and wash it and put back on. It has a plastic cover that protects the cushion from drool or 'accidents.' Many other dog beds cannot be washed thoroughly and they end up being thrown away. I bought the Jumbo size for my Great Dane and it is perfect for him, my English bulldog loves it also. I have bought other dog beds and he would never sleep on them because they were uncomfortable. He loves sleeping on this bed! I now have two Pet Fusion beds, one for my living room and one for my home office. The cover is well made and very durable. After several years, I had to replace the cover due to tearing on one of the corners. It was getting old and has been washed MANY times. It also has an almost 200-pound dog flopping around on it. He also likes to scratch at the bed and 'fluff' it up before he lays down and it has held up to that. I will be a repeat customer of the Pet Fusion bed!" —Nicole M.

    Get it from Amazon for $69.95+ (available in four sizes and three colors).

    5. An orthopedic bed for big dogs, so your jumbo floof will be able to stretch out to their heart's content. Big Barker beds are domestically handmade and formulated for the specific health problems bigger dogs face.,

    Promising review: "We purchased the Big Barker dog bed with headrest for our dog Apollo, a 10-year-old German shepherd mix. In his older age, he has started to slow down and has difficulties with joint pain. We noticed that when he got off of the couch or bed, he would limp more and more. This is when I started to do some research into specialty beds for him. The Big Barker bed has helped Apollo rest and relax more while keeping the pressure off of these tender joints. We have noticed that he has a little more spring in his step and definitely has more restful naps. The bed comes well packaged and quickly! It is made of high-quality materials and the cover is easy to take on and off. The bed was easy to register and comes with an outstanding 10-year warranty. Big Barker is an excellent business that goes out of its way to make sure that customers are thoroughly satisfied with their orders. I highly recommend this product for any animal with orthopedic issues, or for someone who wants to simply spoil their animals!" —Adam

    Get it from Amazon for $239.95+ (available in three sizes and four colors).

    6. A soft dog bed that'll definitely fuel some fire doggy naps — like the ones where they snore and chase rabbits in their sleep. It has over 42,000 5-star ratings on Amazon and, according to reviewers, is durable as heck.,

    Promising review: "Two years later, this has been pooped on, barfed on, accompanied us thousands of miles on dozens of trips, been slept on every single night (after much digging, scuffling, and turning around to get it just right), and been machine washed and dried probably at least 30 times...and it’s fine. Stuffing is still where it was originally. It’s 90% as soft as it was brand new. It smells fine. No holes, ever. Dog beds usually last us about three months, maybe nine if the cover is removable, so it’s absolutely crazy that we have had this two years now. But this thing just keeps going and going and going. I would say the plush level is right between a memory foam dog bed and a standard thin kennel pad — so the perfect in-between level that’s comfortable even on concrete but still lightweight and easy to bring wherever. It washes and dries fantastically. It’s so great to throw the whole thing in the washer with hot water and know that it’s getting completely clean inside. I can’t possibly say enough good things about this dog bed, and it’s not even very expensive. Amazing value. I’m sure we’ll get a few more years out of this but please don’t ever stop making them!" —DJo

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in seven sizes and three colors).

    7. A dog bed with a hood. I shouldn't have to say anything more (LOOK AT THEM 😭), but this is great for little pups who love to burrow and anxious dogs who need some extra security during harrowing storms and/or vacuum sessions.,

    Promising review: "I’ve been buying the Cozy Cuddler for my little pupper for four years now and she absolutely loves this bed! This bed was MADE for your dog! If your pup is anything like mine, she loves to burrow under blankets, so this bed gives her that option and she adores it. The plushness is amazing, and the cushion is super elevated off of the ground. Great buy! Plus the teal color is beautiful in our home! :)" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $30.37+ (available in two sizes and seven colors).

    8. A memory foam car bed with adjustable straps so your pup stays locked in for the ride, and keeps them completely supported due to the human-grade memory foam.

    Promising review: "This is a great bed for my dog. I have been trying to find one that can accommodate a larger dog and this fits the bill. My retriever mix is 50 lbs. and absolutely loved this travel bed for the car. As soon as I unpacked it she made herself comfortable in it. After seeing her in the bed I knew it was a great investment. Great quality and a good value. We did a four-plus hour trip and she was comfortable all the way. The bed stays secure and in place, and because of her size I do have her attached to a zip line restraint for added security. I highly recommend this item." —Anmarie B.

    Get it from for $119+ (originally $170; available in single seat, double seat, full backseat, and cargo sizes).

    9. An orthopedic dog bed with a huge size range, a removable cover, and memory foam that won't budge an inch, designed with your dog's joint health in mind.,

    Promising review: "Marcy is a 53-pound border collie/blue heeler mix who can be finicky about her beds. It usually takes a while for her to warm up to a new one, and some she just doesn't like at all. She has her reasons. I don't know what they are usually, but it doesn't matter now. Marcy loves this bed and has since I first laid it out on the floor of her room. I, however, REALLY love this bed. Why? Well, because Marcy loves it, for one, but also because it is very thick and sturdy getting her up off the tile floor. I LOVE the removable cover because it is SUPER EASY to remove, and I have to change and wash Marcy's bedding often because Marcy has a skin condition. The mattress is covered in a slick liner, which makes putting on and removing the outer cover that much easier. The outer cover unzips in a way that the opening is wide, and that makes putting on and taking off the outer cover an easy task. Oh, yes, I am VERY happy with this bed." —Booklass

    Get it from Amazon for $52.99+ (available in S–XXXL sizes, two different depths, with or without the headrest, and five colors).

    10. A Chuckit! travel pillow dog bed for dogs who are just trying to ~chill~ with you whenever you go, whether that's on a camping trip or sipping on some water at an outdoor restaurant.

    little pup resting on travel bed on the grass

    Promising review: "We recently got a greyhound and were heading out on our first camping trip with him and quickly realized his normal bed wouldn't fit in the car. After a bit of research, we chose this one, and it worked great! It's thicker than I expected (greyhounds need a bit more cushion because they have no fat), and the gray side is softer, so he was using it even in the house instead of his regular bed. It packs up to about the size of a football, too. I'd definitely purchase it again if we get more dogs." —TiffW

    Get it from Chewy for $27 (originally $42.99). 

    11. A cooling dog bed made with micro-gel beads that wick away heat from your furry furnace. It also has velvet bolsters to rest their little heads on while they take their nice, cool nap. Am I jealous of a dog right now?


    Promising review: "My dog loves this! I got a jumbo size so my pup would have plenty of room to grow on it, and he likes to stretch out sometimes. It’s comfy and does stay cool actually! We put it under a vent in our room for the AC to hit him at night so it’s the perfect spot for him. He was sleeping with us at night and now he won’t even lay with me; sad face for me but he loooves this bed!" —chelsee

    Get it from Chewy for $41.99+ (available in three sizes and two colors).

    12. A dog cave–style bed that's a literal cuddle pouch for your pooch to feel like they're being held even if you're not home. If nothing else, get this thing to be able to take the cutest photo of your dog you'll ever get.,

    Promising review: "I'm so glad I purchased this for my dachshund. When he is in there he looks like he is in ecstasy, like he just got the best massage of his life and doesn't ever want to move. The second I took it out of the box he jumped right into it. The medium was the perfect size, he's 18 lbs. and very long. I was a bit worried about the cave part flattening but it's actually a blessing because sometimes when he's hot he likes to lay on top of it. But he always knows how to get inside of it and it never seems to smother him. I have to admit, I want one for myself! It just looks so cozy." —Erica L. Gerard

    Get it from Amazon for $36.90+ (available in three sizes and three colors).

    13. An affordable high-walled dog bed your puppo will snuggle into immediately, thanks to the super-soft fabric and all-around bolster.,

    Promising review: "I can't sing this bed's praises enough. It was only $13 when I bought it, and my Frenchie puppy has been absolutely in love with it since the day we brought him home at 10 weeks old. Now he's 4 months old, about doubled in size since then, and it's still his favorite bed. The cushy sides make a perfect pillow, or at least that's been our little guy's impression. But the best feature of all is that the bed is machine washable. We've machine washed and air-dried the bed twice so far, and it's held up great and is still super soft. Update: He’s now a year and a half old, this is still his favorite bed in the house, and it’s been washed over and over without falling apart." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in five colors).

    14. An outdoor dog bed with a roof for the backyard doggy who refuses to go inside, even if it means sitting in the blazing sun or rain.

    big brown dog lies in outdoor elevated dog bed with roof

    Promising review: "My dog LOVES being outside. He always sleeps on the deck right next to the sliding door because he hates being hot. So I figured I'll get him something to get him off the ground. He totally LOVES it! Now I don't have to worry about bugs crawling on him and him bringing them into the house. It is made so well that even when he stands near the edge it doesn't tip over. Now I'm just waiting to take him to the beach so he doesn't have to lay down on the hot sand." —kona67bean

    Get it from Walmart for $59.99 (originally $103.99; available in two colors).

    15. A waterproof dog bed to withstand your vivacious dog's drooling and peeing, so that your fancy memory foam bed won't be ruined by one accident.,

    Promising review: "My dog has a medical problem that causes her to pee in her sleep. When looking for dog beds, first, I need one that is waterproof, which isn’t easy to find. Second, I need a bed that is best for arthritis. This bed is perfect for both my needs. It’s also extremely easy to clean. It holds its form and doesn’t start sagging in the middle, which all my other dog beds did. I absolutely love this bed and will buy no other from now on." —Patti

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in three sizes and six colors).

    16. A cotton canvas dog bed filled with 100% recycled plastic, meaning it's great for dogs with allergies and owners who want an eco-friendly, all-natural dog bed.

    Nest Bedding

    Promising review: "A couple of months ago we purchased a new Nest mattress. We were intrigued at the other products they also make and I was eying the dog beds right away. As soon as Nest came out with a few more options I knew I had to get one for Enzo. Shipping was quick and as soon as I pulled it out of the box and packaging Enzo jumped on it! He loves the bed and is always curled up in a ball on his new bed. The materials are extremely durable and, although he likes to scratch and do his little dance before he circles around, we have found that the materials will be long lasting. I am extremely happy with the purchase and I know Enzo is too. Thank you, Nest, for making such a fantastic product!" —Judson S.

    Get it from Nest Bedding for $62.10+ (originally $69; available in three sizes).

    17. A stuff sack dog bed you can fill with your old clothes, pillows, and blankets to create an entirely washable, you-scented haven for your anxious doggie to rest on. You can pair it with the Molly Mutt cover or any other cover you want!


    Promising review: "This is simply genius. A washable sack to collect bits and pieces to make a dog bed. Now when the young dog commits a dietary indiscretion and woofs it back up or the old dog piddles a bit at night, the cover, the sack, and all the contents can go in the washing machine. No more clean cover with stinky unwashable filling. No more buying more unwashable filling to replace the stinky unwashable filling. What's more, since you can fill it with bits and pieces (old dishcloths, sheets with holes in them, socks with holes in them, etc.), all that stuff is easier to get clean and faster to dry than one great big comforter or blanket. Oh joy. Oh happy. Oh clean, fresh, nonsmelly bedroom!" —hover

    Get it from Amazon for $10+ (available in four sizes, and square or round shape).

    18. A Sherpa dog bed that comes in sizes big enough for larger dogs to also enjoy lying in a big, soft, therapeutic bagel because they 👏 deserve 👏 to.,

    Promising review: "My big dog steals my little dogs' beds CONSTANTLY, I think because he likes the cushioned edge, but he keeps squishing their beds, stretching them out, and overall ruining their stuff. We got him a large pad to lay on, but he hated it. I bought this, and he's SO happy with it. It's bulky and attracts dog hair, but with a lint roller and a few minutes it looks fine, plus he's mainly an indoor dog so it doesn't get very dirty. PLUS he has quit stealing his sisters' beds (which means the new ones are no longer misshaped and squished) so I find this bed to be a win-win all around. He really enjoys laying his head on the raised bumper like a pillow. He also immediately jumped in it, while other beds he sniffs forever, so I find this bed to be a total win." —Cassandra Weiss

    Get it from Amazon for $17.04+ (available in four sizes and seven colors).

    This is going to be you taking all the cute pics of your snoring dog:

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    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

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