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    11 Blinds To Make Your Windows The Coolest On The Block

    Because the sun is not always your friend.

    1. An easy-lift blind that's supremely easy to install and lets a nice amount of light filter through so it doesn't feel like you're living in a vampire's cave.

    2. A Roman shade you can open from the BOTTOM UP. No more yanking on the cord to try and get that tiny ray of sunshine that's just out of reach – you can adjust the shade to be in any position you want.

    3. A set of semi-sheer zebra blinds that give you total control over how much light flows into your room.

    4. An insulating blackout shade reviewers say is great at keeping the cold, and unwanted sound, out of your home.

    5. An exterior roller cooling shade that will turn your patio or front porch into the cool oasis of your dreams, and save it from the swampy mosquito hell that awaits you come porch season.

    6. A set of faux wood blinds dappled with a realistic wood finish for making your living room look a million times fancier than it actually is.

    7. A splurge-worthy motorized shade that's widely considered the best smart shade around, since it's completely hands-off, whether you control it by remote or smartphone.

    8. A completely custom (up to an 1/8 of an inch!) cordless single-cell shade perfect for anyone with a weird window size and needs that thing covered.

    9. A vertical sliding panel track blind with trimmable fabric designed to seamlessly cover your sliding glass door, closet door, or any other space where you need a bit of privacy.

    10. A classic stick-on, trim-at-home blind I'm pretty sure even I could install with no help (and that's saying a lot). It's a basic pleated shade with no cord, but at 20 bucks, it's well worth it for the price and convenience.

    11. A woven wood shade that comes in over 80 (!!) beautiful textures like bamboo and jute if you want to be transported to a beachy paradise every time you look out the window.

    You, never wanting to leave your house again with your awesome new blinds: