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    26 Of The Best Places To Shop For Your Dog BFF Who Deserves The World

    Because that hairy, stinky, drooly garbage monster deserves to be spoiled with the best money can buy.

    1. Chewy is a customer-oriented alternative to big-brand retail stores. Think of it as a digital pet store, or a personalized one-stop shop for literally anything your dog might need, including vet services.

    2. Just Fred, a cruelty-free small business that makes dog accessories, is all about bringing you and your canine BFF closer together (literally!) so you can strut in style.

    3. Maxbone makes modernized accessories for dog owners who believe that their pets deserve to be just as stylish as they are (and possibly even more so, because these are cute).

    4. Pet Plate offers customized human-grade meal plans for your doggie if you're the kind of dog parent who wants your fur child to get all the food groups with their meal.

    5. House Dogge is a Seattle-based small business churning out the cutest customizable dog hoodies, T-shirts, and toys, so your pup can rep the message of your choice.

    6. Target is an unexpected treasure trove of dog supplies at great prices, from larger furniture items you can pick up the same day, to storage, to food, to toys. Woof!

    7. Happy and Polly's toy section can only be described as a dog lover's heaven: If browsing through these adorable novelty dog beds and harnesses doesn't want to make you go and adopt a dog out of sheer excitement, you might have no soul.

    8. Paw.com makes orthopedic memory foam mattresses and waterproof blankets for doggies to ease their joints, all with design and home decor in mind.

    9. The Basic Concept showcases independent pet designers from across the globe to offer design-centric, fun, and luxurious accessories you'll relish in getting for your doggo.

    10. Wild One's vibrant products combine design and function because you and your doggo should be comfy and healthy in addition to looking swagged out.

    11. Fable makes problem-solving gear for you and your dog inspired by Scandinavian design principles, like a glow-in-the-dark interactive kibble toy that's charged by sunlight, or a luxurious wooden crate with nose holes that doubles as an end table.

    12. Dog & Co.'s specialty doggie goodies have been curated from a selection of independent designers and small businesses because your dog deserves it! Nothing! Less!

    13. Sir Dogwood is a small business with plenty of cute accessories and clothing options so your dog can look its best for the pup-arazzi (namely you, taking one million pictures).

    14. Pride + Groom's all-natural shampoos and conditioners will make bathtime a little less dreadful. Their products are made for sensitive little coats, and contain soothing ingredients like coconut oil, marshmallow root, and vitamin E!

    15. BarkBox sends you a box every month with two toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew if you want to treat your pupperino to a monthly gift on account of being the most special dog in the world.

    16. Gone to the Dogs is a platform that collaborates with independent artisans from marginalized communities, so you can support a good cause while pampering your pup (double good cause).

    17. PetMeds is the place to go if you're shopping for a nonurgent medical need for your pet: just browse, fill in your vet's information, and have meds delivered right to your doorstep.

    18. Petflow will ship pet food to your doorstep within one to three days, and you can sign up for Autoship so you literally never have to step foot in a pet store for the basics again.

    19. Etsy is already a gold mine for all your quaint, homemade needs, and the custom pet market on there is no exception. Whatever your vision is for that custom goodie for your pup, you'll find a small business doing it on here.

    20. Amazon is the ultimate marketplace for problem-solving products for your dogs, from that one niche cleaner that's the only thing that cleans your dog's ears to that cheap pack of tennis balls you reorder again and again.

    21. Ruffwear is a performance gear company for the dog who lives and breathes outdoors. This outdoor gear will last through summer lake swims, snowy winter treks, and anything else your athletic dog gets its paws into.

    22. West Paw makes mentally stimulating and durable toys for the most aggressive of chewers. If your dog slobbers through feebler toys for breakfast, these affordable and sustainably made goodies are worth a try.

    23. Walmart not only has all the everyday basics you always need, like food or brushes or a new chew toy, but they also have a wide selection of heavy-duty goodies like tech gadgets and strollers.

    24. Harry Barker's luxury products will bring a much-needed spa day to your dogini, who is obviously tuckered out from a day of bringing joy to the world.

    25. Diggs is designed to make crate training a painless experience, with an elevated crate design and training aids to keep your puppo occupied and familiarized with their environment.

    26. Natural Dog Company makes all-natural, toxin-free balms to soothe the most common pup ailments and irritations. The remarkable before-and-after testimonials on their website speak for themselves!

    Me, scrolling through all these products and feeling my credit card get lighter in my wallet even though I don't have a dog.