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    11 Affordable Blenders To Mix Up Your Morning Routine

    Because everyone knows that making a smoothie can solve most of your problems, these affordable (and powerful) blenders offer just the solution.

    1. A sleek and thin blender that will save you precious counter space. But don't be deceived: reviewers say this little guy is able to chop through frozen fruit, nuts, and ice just as well as any other blender.

    2. A classic, ultra-compact mini Nutribullet perfect for small spaces or those who want a single-serving smoothie on the go.

    product image of the blender full of fruit, with blender mug full of pink smoothie to the right

    3. A Hamilton Beach personal blender great for blender newbies and casual smoothie-drinkers who want something small and simple.

    4. A lightweight but mighty personal blender complete with overheat protection and a rotating speed of 23,000 rpm.

    5. A pink retro blender with a crank instead of a button (!!!) for the person in your life who needs everything to be cute (but doesn't want to compromise on quality).

    6. A blender with a sports bottle lid attachment so you can immediately feel like an athlete in a Gatorade commercial when you wake up in the morning (but not as sweaty).

    7. A rechargeable Blendjet that's portable in every sense of the word— this guy will make your smoothie on a mountain hike, at the beach, or in the car on the way to work. No pesky cords that get tangled up in everything, just sheer battery-powered convenience under $50.

    8. A cheap rechargeable blender with a powerful battery that can be charged via multiple power sources (like a PC USB port or any other USB for that matter). The LED display lights up to indicate the battery level!

    9. A multi-use hand immersion blender with all kinds of attachments perfect for making soups, pesto, salsa, smoothies, and even chopping vegetables.

    10. A tried-and-tested personal Ninja blender guaranteed to crush anything that you put in it. It comes with a whopping 900 watts of power, as well as 18-ounce and 24-ounce to-go cups.

    11. An Instant Pot blender that would probably be better described as an assistant for your kitchen. It has four hot programs and four cold programs for blending and for cooking, so whether you want to crush ice, cook soup, or make almond milk, this is the blender for you.

    Happy blending away!

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