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    17 Of The Best Bento Boxes For Kids To Totally Improve Lunchtime

    You'll never pack another brown bag lunch once you've got any of these functional (and adorable) Bento boxes in your life.

    1. A floral bento box whose yellow daisies will bring a smile to any child's face when it's time for lunch.

    2. A compact stackable bento box made of wheat fiber that comes with three microwavable layers, utensils, and a mini cooler bag!

    3. A well-reviewed, leakproof Bentgo five-compartment bento box to end the suffering of cleaning the bottoms of soggy, spilled-in lunchboxes.

    4. A baby bento box perfect for parents who want a plastic-free alternative. This one is made of soft silicone for delicate little grabby baby hands, and also comes in a variety of adorable prints!

    5. A bento box with flexible compartments for the lunch-packing artiste who likes to switch up the layout of your arrangement for each meal. It also comes with a removable sauce cup so your masterpieces will never be messy!

    6. A brightly colored toddler bento box equipped with stainless-steel utensils and five compartments to keep little ones healthy, balanced, and engaged.

    7. A fully compostable bamboo fiber bento box, so you can feel good about saving the environment while also cutting down on disposable bags and containers for your kid's packed lunch!

    8. An insulated bento box smartly designed to keep kiddos' food warm until lunchtime with a handy-dandy thermos insert.

    9. A stackable bento box so organized and compact, you'll feel like you have your life together for a brief moment while you send your little one off to school.

    10. A stainless-steel bento box that's easy to clean — no spending time scrubbing out spaghetti sauce stains out of plastic containers.

    11. A Studio Ghibli-themed bento box that's so cute yet so useful, you'll want to buy one for every person in your life to spruce up their mealtimes.

    12. A bento box with two deep compartments made for the kid (or adult) who wants more lunch for their buck.

    13. A three-compartment bento box patterned with cute animals on them that will make even the pickiest eater happy to open their lunchbox.

    14. A pack of four durable snack containers formulated for kids who need need easy, no-frills snackage wherever they go.

    15. A classic all-in-one Bentgo stackable bento box that makes packing lunch a breeze, and eating lunch a delight rather than a chore.

    16. A sustainable bamboo bento box whose production methods didn't harm the environment, so you can snack (and re-snack) in peace.

    17. And a plastic lunch container that will finally save you the headache of remembering exactly what you packed for lunch, and of carrying around loose containers that get jumbled up in your bag.

    Preparing for your bento box feast like: