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T-Giving Gone Wild

Tell Tradition To Take a Time Out. Check out these fun recipies that will really wobble your gobble

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If you've had enough of your traditonal plates and are just done with it all, don't flip out. Take a deep breath and scroll below to find some hilarious and spicy recipes to take your turkey day to the next level.

Let's Start with the Turkey


Why serve a normal turkey when you COULD add shock value and sex appeal all at the same time? With a bit of tin foil and artistic license, offers a hilarious way to get Grandma Muriel's tail feathers ruffled.

No More Overcooked Green Bean Casseroles, People!


Regular old Campells Caserole is alright--if you want to settle for blah and predictable. But The Pioneer Woman blog shows us how to epic-meal-ify this dish: add BAM with pimientos and cayenne for spice, add WAM with cheddar cheese and half and half, and add THANK YOU MA'AM with Bacon and Panko (yup, she went there). Talk about next level mean bean caserole!

Thug up that Cranberry Sauce Flow


One of my all time favorite food+funny bloggers offers a great alternative to the canned fructose nightmare that is traditional cranberry sauce. Chemically enhanced BS can take a seat on the back burner with this gourmet and lemon-zest fused sauce. And, it actually tastes like a cranberry, so serve it proud.

Tell Dehydrated Stuffing Mix to STUFF IT


What tastes better than dehydrated bread? Oh ya: FRESH bread. This diddy by A Cozy Kitchen makes stuffing into perfectly sized portioned muffins, and adds sage and pancetta to really stuff it to that bagged variety.

Not So Sweet Potato Casserole


Ok so those diehards may kill me for choosing a recipie without marshmallows, but its a free country guys: add as much marshmallowy goodness to the top of this spicy jalapeno sweet potato dish. Go Wild. After all, this is your wild t-giving. But try this fusion kick for size, and really get those taste buds revved up.

Lemme Smang 'em Potatoes


Boil and Mash? Those old potatoes are soo 2000-and-late. Why not Smash and Bang those potates and bake them, another idea from The Pioneer Woman. Simple seasoning with a fun twist, these Crash Hot Potatoes even have a crazy wild name! That's pretty far out, mahn.

Special thanks to Young Humma for my headline joke.

Best of Both Worlds Pie


Can't pick between beloved pumpkin and crunchy pecan? You better believe you can have both in one, thanks to Will Cook For Friends' hybrid pie creation. So go ahead, have a second slice. Kill two metaphorical birds with one fork.

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