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27 Crazy Things Done For Love

Some of Our Favorite Characters Will Do Just About Anything for Love.

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6. Do Anything To Make Them Smile (When They Aren't Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend)


Being in Love with someone else's beau? Not cool, I get it. But JAM shippers everywhere agree that Jim's crazy antics and office pranks to keep Pam happy in spite of an unhappy relationship with Roy. Uber cute! And if its wrong,I don't want to be right

26. Try to Keep Yourself From The Person You Love (For Their "Own Good")


Chuck and Blair: The classic tug and pull love story of the millennial generation.

Spoiler Alert for Non-GG fans/obsessors: Chuck and Blair end up together. All is right in the world.

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So don't fret if you've done/thought of doing/wish you did any of these crazy romantic things for love!

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