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    Friend Zone Level Infinity

    With Friend Zone hitting Level Bridge this week, it's time we really discovered the multifaceted layers of this affliction.

    This week Friend Zone hit Level Bridge, marking a definitive low point for boy-girl platonic relations. Let us take a look back at previous levels to see how we arrived at such a devastating place.

    Here we have Friend Zone Level 90s. Not too gnarly.

    Friend Zone Level Nail Technician. NAGL

    Friend Zone Level Table. Guess it could be worse, bro.

    Friend Zone Level Chair. Mmmkay you should probably give up hope.

    Friend Zone Level WAY WORSE CHAIR. Dear Lord!

    Friend Zone Level Bench. WHY??

    Friend Zone Level Wall. You are the most inanimate of objects to her at this point.

    Friend Zone Level WUT?!?!?!?!

    Friend Zone Level FOREVER ALONE

    And finally, Friend Zone Level Lion. Actually, this looks awesome.

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