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The Life Cycle Of A Call Center Agent

Let's pretend it's all worth it just for the stories you get to tell later.

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3. You come across a couple of cool jobs.

Boutique store, flexible schedule, staff discount, located in trendy neighborhood!

Part-time, seasonal at minimum wage? Sorry, I'll have to leave that one for the trust-fundians.

8. You really stop taking people seriously

I'm sorry, you think you shouldn't have to pay your bill because your credit was so bad you shouldn't have been given anything in the first place? Are you serious?

14. And sometimes you have coworkers that don't really work.

Excuse me, I understand that text conversation you're having with that girl you met on POF is likely incredibly arousing and worth all of your time, but I'm taking 5 calls for every 1 you take and I'm just trying really hard not to smash your iPhone right now.

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