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7 Fan-Made Videos That Will Truly Give You The Feels

So many feelings!

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Certain video's can be triggering for some.

Jack and Ennis - Pieces

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Let me tell you, this video is my life! It's so beautiful and bittersweet. You can't go wrong with this love story.

Dom and Letty - Young and Beautiful

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If you're looking for a ride or die love, then baby, this one's for you.

Multi-Horror - Smells Like Teen Spirit

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For all of my horror fans out there, this video is sure to give you the chills.

80's Collab - Don't Dream It's Over

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Any Breakfast Club lover's out there? Please enjoy this masterpiece of a collaboration filled with all of your 80's needs.

Character's We Have Lost - I Was Here

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Don't watch this video unless you have tissue's near, because it will surely bring you to tears.

Oliver and Elio - My Love

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On of the best gay movies ever! If this video doesn't reel you into watching the film, you crazy.

Hannah and Clay - Losing Your Memory

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13 Reason's Why...this will definitely tear you apart.

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