Allison Ferguson
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    • Allison Ferguson

      Agent Peggy Carter. Not only would she be considered a total badass in today’s world, what with her super-secret, physically and mentally demanding job saving the world and all, but much of her accomplishments took place in an era when women had even fewer occupational options outside of being housewives and mothers. Like so many real women who due to World War II were able to work outside the home in traditionally male occupations for the war effort, Peggy also had to deal with the end of the war and the societal expectation that she step aside and let the men do the real work. Agent Carter sets such a positive example for young girls of today, which is why it breaks my heart that ABC canceled her series. (And let’s never forget that time in the diner where she handily threatened that chauvinistic customer with nothing but her icy words and a fork!)

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