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    18 Things That Are Too Real For People With Big Hips

    Pros: They second as a shelf. Cons: Jeans...just all jeans.

    1. Look, that hourglass shape may be cute, but you know better than anyone that having big ol' hips is both a blessing and a curse.

    2. On the good side of things, your hips second as a shelf for holding big boxes, and can even be a seat for toddlers.

    3. Plus, they act as an extra set of hands when you need to close doors.

    4. On the other side of things, shopping for jeans is a whole-ass nightmare because your waist is at least two sizes smaller than your hips.

    5. So you have, like, a billion belts to solve this issue.

    6. Because all of your bottoms have THE GAP. Oh, you know all about the dreaded GAP.

    7. The gap that's stretched because you've got to do the old jump and shimmy just to get your jeans on over your hips.

    8. But leggings and sweatpants are your best friends.

    9. Meanwhile, unexpected sharp corners are your enemy.

    10. And you're often stuck playing what I like to refer to as "hip pinball" whenever you walk down narrow aisles, constantly bumping into people.

    11. The middle seats in cars and on airplanes were invented just to spite you.

    12. And you don't fit on some amusement park rides (no, seriously) directly due to the circumference of your hips.

    13. When you lose goes from your top half only.

    14. And when you gain weight, it goes DIRECTLY to your bottom half.

    15. While a minidress or miniskirt might be a perfectly acceptable length on other people...your hips add some extra, unwanted ~scandal~ to your look.

    16. And even worse, you have to put all dresses and skirts on OVER your head, since you can't pull them up over your big ol' hips.

    17. Still, you can't deny that — once you finally get that outfit on — your hips make a pretty great addition to your shape.

    18. Overall, as big of a pain in the literal ass as your hips may be, you still love them because they're a part of you...and you KNOW you're awesome.