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    17 Tweets That Are Too Real For Any Awkward Person With A Crush

    *Plans wedding with person I met 20 seconds ago.*

    1. Look, having a crush is hard.

    2. The pain lasts a lifetime (or, you know, a few weeks).

    me realizing i have a crush on someone

    3. Because, let's face it, you're a nervous wreck.

    Me: Hey dear how are you? Crush: Where did u get my number from??? Me:

    4. And, if you're awkward, the difficulty starts early.

    when i was 7 i had a crush on a girl in my class & didnt know how to deal w it so I wrote her a letter that just said "get out of my school"

    5. Which means you're setting yourself up for heartbreak.

    When your crush starts dating someone else

    6. Because you're probably way too invested already.

    [Sees my bus-crush in street life holding hands w/ dude] Wow you never mentioned you had a boyfriend in months of me silently staring at you

    7. Like...WAY TOO invested.

    me when my crush doesn't reply to my texts within .2 seconds

    8. Because all you want is for them to reciprocate your feelings.

    9. Though, you bounce back pretty quickly.

    When my crush likes more than 1 of my pix on Instagram Me:😅😅

    10. And are willing to completely change yourself for them.

    me: I would never be a vegan crush: I love being a vegan me:

    11. Only to mess it up just as quickly.

    ME, TEXTING MY CRUSH: have any plans tonight? HER: no not yet!! i'm totally free and available ME: ok well have a good night whatever u do

    12. Because you're truly you're own worst enemy.

    13. And you know you'll never make the first move, no matter how much you'd like to.

    The best part of having a crush on someone is waiting for the apocalypse to come so that you don't have to deal with it.

    14. Or WORSE, you make the first move on accident.

    when you accidentally like that 137 weeks ago photo your crush posted

    15. And ruin your shot.

    Crush: I'm texting my crush. Me: Really? I've felt the same way too! Crush: Uhmm, wasn't talking bout u. Me: Ugh autocorrect...i mean who?

    16. So you stay quiet, because awkward is as awkward does.

    Me: I have a crush on this guy My friend: oh so do you talk to him? Me:

    17. Overall, it's important to remember, a "crush" is called a "crush" for a reason.