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    Nov 28, 2017

    Literally Just 18 Random AF Tweets That Keep Me Awake All Night, Every Night

    Provoking thought in 140 (and now also 280) characters or less.

    1. This accurate realization:

    2. This long-held secret:

    3. This safety PSA:

    4. This ultimate "Yo Mama" battle:

    5. This moment of vulnerability:

    6. This excellent use of classic song lyrics:

    7. This example of Carol's constant narrow-mindedness:

    8. This much-needed invention idea:

    9. This reminder to put our faith in what we most believe in:

    10. This terrifying realization:

    11. This unlikely romance:

    12. This timely truth:

    13. This truly unwanted flashback:

    14. This salary inquiry:

    15. This reminder that there's no knowing where we're rowing:

    16. This undeniable truth about felines:

    17. This all-natural solution to every problem:

    18. And, of course, this dream world:

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