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    19 Secrets People Are Currently Keeping From Their Partners That Are Surprisingly Pure

    Because sometimes a white lie is a love language.

    A while back we took a look at some "secrets" people were keeping from their S.O.s that were shared on Reddit. These incredibly pure and surprisingly wholesome stories sparked even MORE responses from our BuzzFeed Community! Here are a few of the very best:


    And — like with the last post — since theses ARE "secrets," we've kept the usernames a secret as well, but you can click through the titles to see the original commenters!

    1. This lucky find:

    "My boyfriend at the time got into a argument with his mom and left his house to go sit at a park and relax. I met up with him there and, when he wasn’t looking, I cut a regular clover to make it look like a 'four-leaf clover.' He 'found' it and got super excited. He kept it for a long time. I never told him because I wanted him to feel lucky."

    2. This wedding plan:

    "My fiancé and I were planning our wedding. When I asked him if he had a preference on colors, he tried to act nonchalant and suggest a few different options, but light purple was one of them. I immediately knew that meant more to him than anything, since his mom's favorite flowers were lilacs (she passed away right before we started dating).

    I told him that light purple is my FAVORITE color and we should go with that. It’s not by a long shot, but the way his face lit up when I said that was the most indescribable thing."

    3. This unpaid time off:

    "My boyfriend's grandfather passed away earlier this year. He was incredibly close to his grandfather, and he wanted me there for support at the funeral. The funeral was on a Monday. I was able to get off work, but I was unpaid for that day. My boyfriend kept telling me that if I wasn't going to get paid, he didn't want me there, so I lied and told him I WAS getting paid."


    4. This PB & Hater:

    "My grandfather hates peanut butter, but loves my grandma's chocolate chip peanut butter cookies (which she just refers to as her 'chocolate chip cookies' for this reason). To this day, he has no idea there is peanut butter in them. I don't know how he doesn't know because you can DEFINITELY taste it. One time I forgot about this secret and said there was peanut butter in that batch, and my grandpa straight-up put his half-eaten cookie down and said, 'I don't like peanut butter.'"

    5. This party planner:

    "My husband planned a surprise birthday party for me a few years ago. Problem was, I accidentally saw a text about it when he was in the shower about a week before, so when he took me out to dinner I knew one of his friends was at our apartment setting it up. I acted totally surprised and TO THIS DAY him and his friends have no idea I knew."

    6. This patient conversationalist:

    "My boyfriend has some serious difficulties hearing, but refuses to wear a hearing aid because he got bullied in the past, so he finds his way around usually by reading lips. The thing is...when he drives, there is no way he can do that so frequently he will completely misunderstand my question and give me a wild, far-off answer. I always pretend like that IS what I've asked him and keep the conversation going until I can circle back around and ask my original question."

    7. This savings account:

    "My husband and I had always been short on money. One night, I knew we were close to overdrafting our account and I needed his driver's license number for some reason. He was already asleep, so I opened his wallet for the license and found a rather large folded stack of cash. I put it back and said nothing, but I spent that next week frustrated that he was hoarding money while we were both struggling. That is, until I realized that the money was for a ring. He proposed to me a month later."


    8. This missed lunch:

    "I've always made my husband's lunches for work, but recently he made mine. I open my tuna sandwich to find a love note INSIDE. The only problem with this was that the moisture from the mayo had soaked into the paper, turning it into a sticky, wet mess on my sandwich that wasn't coming off. I didn't have the heart to tell him I skipped lunch that day!"

    9. This found ring:

    "My S.O. and I lived together after college. One day, as I was putting laundry away, I found what I thought was a box for cuff links. I opened it and found an engagement ring. I quickly put it back and said nothing. Four years later (yes...four FULL years later, imagine my anticipation) he proposed with the ring I'd found. We’ve been married 11 years now and he still doesn’t know!"

    10. This problem predictor:

    "I always try and anticipate what my husband will need, especially when he travels (which he does a lot for work). Even if it’s something as simple as a back-up phone charger, I want to make sure he has everything he needs, so I like to slip the items into his luggage or work briefcase without telling him."


    11. This coffee maker:

    "My husband goes to work earlier than I do, but I usually get up with him at 5 a.m. to cook our lunches. He always makes sure that my coffee is ready for me BEFORE he jumps into the shower. I have a Keurig and I use the reusable filter. He NEVER puts enough coffee powder in, so the coffee is almost always awful.

    I will never tell him that. I always finish the coffee that he made for me and I always let him know how much I appreciate it. After he leaves the house, I make myself another cup of coffee and get on with my day."

    12. This secret spender:

    "My boyfriend really loves the show Top Gear and was sad because it's ONLY available on Amazon Prime now. So I started paying for Amazon Prime just so he could watch the show, but I lied and told him I already had it so he wouldn't feel like I was 'wasting my money on it' for him. In the end, it actually ended up being something I started watching with him and we bonded over!"

    13. This sleep-talker:

    "My fiancé talks in his sleep and he TOLD ME that he was going to propose to me the night BEFORE he did. I didn’t tell him and acted surprised. If he knew, it would bother him."


    14. This check-in:

    "When I was pregnant, I got really down. A lot of my friends weren't talking to me as much because they didn't want to 'bother' me. Then, out of the blue, I got a message from one of my friends checking in. About a week later, I was using my partner's phone to make a call and I came across a message he'd sent to the person asking if they could send me a message to check up on me. He still doesn't know I found this out, but it meant a lot to me that he cared that much."

    15. This gift giver:

    "My boyfriend is REALLY bad at gifts, surprises, and/or being all-around romantic. So for Christmas this year he had me put together an Amazon Wishlist, but claimed it was so he could 'send it to my family.' When a package arrived at our house, one was slightly opened and I saw the tea brewer I was really wanting was in there.

    I resealed the box with tape, put the boxes in our bedroom, and acted like I had no idea what was in them. I love knowing that he thinks he’s sneaky and surprises me, because it makes him happy as someone who’s just naturally not good at gift-giving."

    16. This secret 'shroom:

    "My husband hates mushrooms with a passion, but he loves green bean casserole. To this day, I don’t have the heart to tell him it has cream of mushroom soup in it."


    17. This tea replacer:

    "When my husband's cup of tea is sitting out for too long, I'll make him another cup of tea and replace it right where he left the other one. I don't think he's ever once noticed."

    18. This tuck-in:

    "My husband moves a lot in his sleep, so early in our relationship he would always end up freezing cold in the morning after knocking the covers off himself. He sleeps heavily and doesn’t wake up so, for nine years now, I wake up in the middle of the night — every night — to cover him back up."

    19. And finally, this chicken secret:

    "When my husband and I first started dating, he would brag to NO END about his mom’s 'homemade' fried chicken. Well, I happened to be over there one day waiting for him to get off work and saw her making it...she literally went to the freezer, pulled out a bag of name-brand breaded chicken tenders, and threw them in a frying pan to heat them up. We had a good laugh about it and now, every once in awhile, I’ll text him at work and tell him I’m 'making a surprise for dinner!' He’s always so appreciative and tells me that it’s 'almost' as great as his mom’s fried chicken."

    Now it's your turn! What's the secret YOU'RE currently keeping from your S.O.? Share in the comments below!


    Some stories have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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