16 Indisputable Reasons Why "When Harry Met Sally" Is The Single Best Rom-Com Of All Time

    I'll have what this whole movie was having, forever.

    I'm gonna just cut to the chase here: Recently I helped create a poll on BuzzFeed dot com the website in which you could choose only ONE movie for each genre — meaning all others in the category must go forever — and this poll ended up having some...disturbing results, particularly in the "rom-com" category.

    Somehow — for reasons beyond my understanding — the single greatest rom-com of all time, When Harry Met Sally, was rated SECOND. TO. LAST?!

    Look, I may be biased here because When Harry Met Sally also just so happens to be in my personal top five favorite films of all time, but still...it's time y'all learned why this is, hands down, the best rom-com ever made:

    1. Let's start with the obvious: Our two lead characters are perfection. That's a fact. I will not be taking further questions at this time.

    2. Meg Ryan is a goddamn delight as Sally. She's unapologetic, funny, and so interestingly written. She's flawed in a thousand ways, but her quirks are never once presented as problems she needs to get over. Also, her fashion is NEXT. FREAKIN'. LEVEL. Just look at this blazer?! That turtleneck?!

    3. And Billy Crystal as Harry??? He's so charming and witty and painfully human. He's a man in a rom-com given space to grow on his own time. And these sideburns??? Your fave could/would/should NEVER.

    4. Overall, the plot is the definition of a "slow burn" and is really one of the more realistic "falling in love stories" ever told. We see them go from generally indifferent (but sometimes hostile) acquaintances to friends to best friends.

    5. Over the course of 12 (12!!!) years, they continue to run into each other at different points in their lives, showing their relationships and personal growth, which you rarely get in rom-coms.

    6. Plus, do not even get me STARTED on the AESTHETICS. This whole film looks like it took place on some photography girl's Tumblr.

    7. Also, like, CARRIE FISHER is in this as Sally's other best friend/confidant. CARRIE. FREAKIN'. FISHER?!

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    8. Y'all, this movie is positively DRENCHED in perfection from every angle.

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    9. Every single piece of dialogue in this film is incredible. There is not ONE dud line in its runtime. All hail our lord and savior, Nora Ephron.

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    10. No, seriously, this screenplay is actual art.

    11. And I haven't even MENTIONED the framing device yet, where the film interviews fictional* couples on how they met and fell in love, and it's precious.

    12. Also, it just so happens to contain one of, like, the funniest and most widely known scenes of all time that you've 100% seen parodied at least once.

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    ANOTHER FUN FACT: The "I'll have what she's having" lady is actually director Rob Reiner's mom in maybe the greatest cameo of all time.

    13. Anyway, when both Sally and Harry finally DO start to realize they have feelings for each other, it's so organic and real. Ugh, rip my goddamn heart out, why don't you?!

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    14. And after Sally finds out that her ex, who broke up with her specifically because he "never wanted to get married," is calling her to tell her he's — of course — getting married, who's the first person she calls? HARRY. HER BEST FRIEND.

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    15. The fact that their relationship was built on a genuine friendship means that they know each other better than anyone else, and it's truly what every rom-com should strive to show. FRIENDSHIP AND TRUST ARE IMPORTANT FOUNDATIONS OF LOVE, WHO KNEW?!

    16. In the end, all of this culminates in the single best declaration of love in any movie, ever. Rom-com or not. Period. End of sentence. The defense rests.

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    So, uh, yeah. I ride pretty hard for When Harry Met Sally, and I personally think you should too. If you haven't seen it, please watch it. If you have seen it and disagree with me, I implore you to watch it again. It's truly something special.