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What Film Would You Actually Love To See Get Rebooted For Today's Audience?

Not all remakes are flawed. Not all originals are perfect. Let's discuss.

Look, I get it, a lot of people have ~strong~ feelings about remakes/reboots of films.

However, not every remake/reboot is created equal. In fact some are, *gasp*, even BETTER than the original.

2017's IT is a reboot, and that was certainly fantastic.

2008's The Dark Knight remains one of the most critically-beloved films of all time, and was most definitely part of a rebooted franchise.

Even 2006's Oscar-winning The Departed is ~technically~ a remake of a 2002 Chinese film, Infernal Affairs.

So let's take off our cynical hats for a second and have some fun answering this question: What film would you actually ENJOY seeing remade/rebooted?

I'll go first: I'd absolutely love to see a super-dark, gritty reboot of 1995's cult classic mess, Showgirls.

Tell us which film(s) you'd actually love to see rebooted and your dream cast(s) below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!