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What Film Would You Actually Love To See Get Rebooted For Today's Audience?

Not all remakes are flawed. Not all originals are perfect. Let's discuss.

Look, I get it, a lot of people have ~strong~ feelings about remakes/reboots of films.


However, not every remake/reboot is created equal. In fact some are, *gasp*, even BETTER than the original.

Village Roadshow Pictures

2017's IT is a reboot, and that was certainly fantastic.

New Line Cinema

2008's The Dark Knight remains one of the most critically-beloved films of all time, and was most definitely part of a rebooted franchise.

Warner Bros.

Even 2006's Oscar-winning The Departed is ~technically~ a remake of a 2002 Chinese film, Infernal Affairs.

Warner Bros.

So let's take off our cynical hats for a second and have some fun answering this question: What film would you actually ENJOY seeing remade/rebooted?

Marvel Studios

Bonus points if you can name your dream cast, as well.

I'll go first: I'd absolutely love to see a super-dark, gritty reboot of 1995's cult classic mess, Showgirls.

United Artists

As ridiculous as the original Showgirls may be, the underlying story of women pitted against each other for stardom based on age and beauty is something still incredibly relevant today. Just picture it now: Margot Robbie as Nomi, Zoe Kravitz as her buddy Molly, and Taraji P. Henson as Cristal Conners? You’re welcome.

Tell us which film(s) you'd actually love to see rebooted and your dream cast(s) below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!