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Name A Movie Trailer That Was Better Than The Entire Movie Itself

Real talk, some people are just better at foreplay.

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The scene is set: You're sitting in the movie theater, the lights go down and on come the *trailers*.

MJJ Productions

Real talk, one of the best parts of going to the movies in the first place ARE the trailers.


Did an action film, like Sucker Punch, take a sucker punch to your heart (and wallet) after the kick-ass trailer proved to be most of the cool shit?

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Warner Bros.

Or perhaps, like Where The Wild Things Are, the film itself was perfectly fine, but its trailer just far surpassed it?

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Legendary Pictures

Or, like with the Atonement trailer, were you expecting a forbidden love story and not to have your fucking heart ripped out?

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Focus Features

Exactly 10 years later, still not over it.

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