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    People Shared Wild Things They've Heard Other People Say While Sleeping And What The Actual Heck

    "You did it, babe! You defeated Batman!"

    A while back, we took a look at some absolutely wild stories shared by Reddit users about the strangest things they'd heard people say in their sleep. These hilarious stories sparked even MORE great responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community! Here are just a few of the best:

    1. "My brother didn't talk a lot in his sleep when we were kids, but on time he woke me up by screaming 'THE PIZZA IS FALLING!' I then heard a loud BOOM come from his room...he had fallen out of bed trying to catch the pizza."


    2. "My mom, my sister, and I were all watching a movie in my mom's bed. My sister, who was 4 at the time, had fallen asleep, but then she suddenly got up on her hands and knees and began digging at our pillow. She then loudly asked 'Do you want fries?' She still doesn't remember this and hates when I tell the story."


    3. "My husband sleep-talks on occasion, but the most memorable one was the time he sat straight up and said there was 'a ghost on the doorknob.' That was terrifying...but then, later on, he said, 'You did it, babe! You defeated Batman!'"


    4. "According to my girlfriend, I was dead asleep and asked her, 'Do you see it?' and she was awake and like...what? And I said, 'Ugh, you probably can’t see it cause it’s floating, whatever!' then I fell right back asleep, I have no memory of it."

    Megan Rea

    5. "My husband talks in his sleep, but it’s rare that I catch it and/or am lucid enough to remember. The first time I heard him do it is still the only one I remember, and it’s our favorite non-sequitur to this day — he was snoring and just said, 'Go Team Jesus!'"


    6. "While staying the night at a friend's one, I heard them speak in — what sounded like — fluent Latin. They don't know Latin and had no recollection of it in the morning. It was creepy."


    7. "One of the first times I slept at my boyfriend’s house, he started yelling at me in the dead of night to 'turn the lights on' while he was throwing the sheets around. I asked what was wrong and he said, 'Mosquito.' After I told him there was no mosquito, he said, 'Oh, I guess the spider under the bed ate it' and promptly went back to sleep.


    8. "Once my husband sat up and said, 'Well, I’ve had an epiphany!' I was extremely confused and — when I asked him to elaborate — he said, 'Well, the bed was 2 feet wide and the volcano was 3 feet wide...'"


    9. "I have been known to hold whole conversations in my sleep if I am tired enough, but my fiancé's favorite story is the time I started with 'I don't like the blue and purple ones.' When he asked me what I was referring to, I responded 'M&Ms.' He asked why and I said, 'Because they don't do what I tell them to!'"


    10. "One night my husband yelled 'Scarecrow penis!' right in my face, then proceeded to roll over and fall deeply back to sleep. Problem was that I laughed so hard I woke him up."


    11. "It wasn't something I said, but something I did: We were both sleeping and I dreamt that my partner was sleeping upside down, so that he had his feet on the pillow. I thought that was gross so, in the dream, I punched him in the feet. The thing is, I also did that in reality which resulted in a punch to the face."


    12. "When my son was about 4, he’d repeatedly say 'boobies' in his sleep and it was hilarious."


    13. "My fully asleep husband once angrily told me to 'Quit breathing fire on him' because he was dreaming that I had transformed into dragon."


    14. "My daughter once sat up and said, 'This is it. My monster house!' She then smiled proudly, laid back down, and started snoring. I tried, but I wasn’t able to get any more information about the monster house."


    15. "A few weeks ago my husband loudly yelled, 'Single for life!' while he was sleeping. We’ve been married for 13 years and have five kids."


    16. "According to the story, my grandma once sat up in bed, looked my grandpa dead in the eyes, and said, 'I'll stick a dagger in your eye!' She laid back down and fell right to sleep. That was almost 20 years ago."


    17. "Just last night my husband asked me in his sleep, 'What are we gonna do if our future kids are afraid of carousels?'"


    18. "My sister and I used to share a room and she would constantly freak me out with her sleep walking and talking. One memorable time, I woke up to her sitting at the end of my bed in pitch darkness singing 'Hero' by Mariah Carey."


    19. "My husband talks A LOT in his sleep, but a few of my personal favorites include: 'I think we need to move the pit,' 'Now we have to buy more because you wasted them...the cannon balls,' and, 'There's not, like, a baby under the mattress, right?'"


    So, what's the weirdest/creepiest/funniest/just plain "what the actual heck?!" thing you've ever heard someone say while they were sleeping? Share your story in the comments below!