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    People Are Sharing What They'd Do When Their Parents Left Them Home Alone As Kids And OMG

    *Cue "Home Alone" face.*

    There's no denying we all went ABSOLUTELY WILD whenever our parents would leave us home alone in the house as kids.

    Well this week on Twitter, YouTuber and make-up artist Samantha Ravndahl asked her followers, "What was the first thing you’d do when your parents left you home alone?" and, WHEW BUDDY, are the responses amazing.

    Here are just a few of the most ~adventurous~ tales:

    1. This munchy mania:

    2. This mix-related mix-up:

    3. This fridge raid:

    4. This inappropriate TV time:

    5. This forgetful dinner disaster:

    6. This "salad only" sacrifice:

    7. This dance party:

    8. This creamy delight:

    9. This sugary treat:

    10. This sweet, slow getaway:

    11. This questionable ad:

    12. This frightened foodie:

    13. This hot water hound:

    14. This safety first child:

    15. This f***ing good time:

    16. And finally, this indoor water park:

    NOW IT'S YOUR TURN. What was the first thing you'd do when you were left home alone as a kid? Share in the comments below!