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    Couples Are Revealing The "Not Normal" Things They Do Together And It's Hilarious

    "All of the farts!" = "I love you!"

    We recently took a look at a viral Reddit thread that asked, "What do you do with your S.O. that isn't normal?" These adorably weird stories sparked even more incredibly cute responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community! Here are just a few of the strangest (and sweetest) things shared:

    1. "My girlfriend and I will sometimes go into 'Leech Mode.' This involves one of us grabbing onto the other one and not letting go. It can strike at any time. In bed? Leech Mode. Doing the dishes? Leech Mode. In public? LEECH MODE. She once got me with it while I was on the toilet, and I’ve loved her ever since."


    2. "If my husband and I have a simple issue that needs resolving (not a serious argument), we will walk around in an oval around our living/kitchen area until we figure out the solution."


    3. "My partner and I do this thing where one of us will suddenly say, 'Accio!' and act like they’re pointing a wand at the other person. No matter what the other person is doing, they must then dramatically pretend like they're being pulled towards the other person. Then we’ll hug each other and kiss."


    4. "We finally had to have the discussion about how gassy he is, and how he holds it in when he’s around me. On our first trip together, he explained when we weren’t around each other there were 'all the farts.' I don't know why, but that phrase made me laugh ridiculously hard. So now it’s become our 'I love you.' We say it when hanging up or leaving for the day. Or just random texts throughout. It’s so gross, but I love it!"


    5. "When my boyfriend and I pee in the toilet right after each other without flushing, we call it 'making pee babies.'"


    6. "Whenever one of us says, 'Fiddle de de de de' while doing a weird jig, the other has to stop what they’re doing, come over, and give the 'Fiddle de de de de'-er a kiss. No matter what. It started at Epcot in ‘06 when I got a 'Kiss Me, I’m Irish' pin. The best part is...I am not Irish."


    7. My husband and I play 'The Game' anytime we go grocery shopping. Basically, I sneak a small item into the cart that's not on our list. The goal is for my item to make it all the way out of the building, paid for and all, without him realizing it was there. In 11 years, I have only won twice. It’s fun, and we usually just buy whatever I put in the cart, anyway."


    8. "We 'ruin' each other's yawns by sticking our finger in the other's mouth."


    9. "My boyfriend and I have a rule that — if either of us says the phrase, 'I need attention' — the other must stop what they're doing and give the other five full minutes of attention. Most of the time it’s just for fun, but if I’m ever feeling down I’ll do it and he'll make a special effort to show me I’m loved. I am very lucky to have a man as wonderful as him."


    10. "We often pretend that we don't know each other while buying groceries. He'll always yell something like, 'MISS, PLEASE STOP TOUCHING ME, MISS?!' and tries to make me embarrassed. My go to is usually to scream, 'STOP PUTTING THINGS IN MY BASKET, SIR!' It's great."


    11. "No matter where we are — out with friends, together with family, on the subway, just sitting on the couch on a Saturday morning — whenever my husband randomly does a techno beat, I MUST fist pump in the air until he stops, and then we resume whatever it is we were doing like nothing happened."


    12. "My husband knows I like his belly, so he'll just randomly walk over to me and lift his shirt so I can pat it. He also lets me warm my cold hands on his love handles."


    13. "My fiancé and I read bad fan fiction, a lot of it. When we were at separate colleges, we would read one chapter together almost every night. We still do this whenever we have a night in!"


    14. "When my boyfriend touches my nose I say, 'boob' and when he pokes my boob I say, 'Nose.' We don't know how or why it started, but it's our inside joke and we both find it very funny."


    15. "When my girlfriend and I get into bed to watch a film together, we always pretend that she's the cinema host who runs the entire theater. I will always make sad comments about how I'm the only visitor and, when the host brings snacks from concessions (aka, from the kitchen), she will charge ridiculous prices, so I tell her that I’ll never be back. She then tells me I can't do that because I'm in a contract. We always end up laughing."


    16. "I enjoy going full-on dead weight in the middle of a hug so that my partner has to catch me and steer me to a safe landing place. It cracks us up."


    17. "I become 'The Slug.' Basically, I drag myself across my partner while moaning, 'Pay attention to meee!' very slowly and in the most inconvenient way possible."


    18. "My husband calls me random names that aren't my name. Over the past 11 years, I've been: Barbra, Margaret, Claudia, Dave, Susan, Claire, etc. I truly don't know why he does it, but he'll shout, 'Hey Beverly?' from another room and I know to answer because I'm used to it. He never fails to make me laugh!"


    19. "My boyfriend and I have the 'Red Light' rule, which we started when we were first dating. Basically, if you get stopped at the traffic lights, you yell, 'RED LIGHT!' and you have to kiss. It's very cute and random, especially if we forget about it for a little while and surprise the other person."


    20. "When I write a grocery list and leave it on the counter for any amount of time, my wife always sneaks up and writes things like ‘XL dildos,’ ‘a lot of lube,’ and ‘Vagisil’ on it. It’s funny every single time, and sometimes I don’t notice it until I’m in the grocery store. She has been doing this for 13 years."


    21. "I always pick up our cat and cock her like a gun, then pretend to shoot my fiancé. He will then dramatically act like he’s being blown away by the gunfire. It always makes us laugh, even though the cat is not as amused."


    22. "We invented 'Olympic Butt Slapping'. One time, I was laying on the bed and he said, 'hold still.' Then, he proceeded to jump over me WHILE slapping my butt mid-air. It has now progressed, and we have come up with some elaborate trick shots."


    23. "A common way for my partner to get around the apartment is to jump up and hold onto my back or shoulders, and she just stays there until she slips off. She calls it 'Koala-ing' me. The catch is that I never hold her, I just go wherever she tells me, but it’s HER responsibility to stay on."


    24. "We have a secret handshake that we whip out when one of us is cranky and the other one wants to snap them out of it. It's so ridiculously elaborate, it never fails to make us smile."


    Now it's your turn! What's something you and your significant other do that others may think is "not normal" or "weird" Share your story in the comments below!