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    19 Hilarious Stories About Teachers Being Weird As All Heck In Their Classrooms

    "My teacher once had us all get signed permission slips so they could drive us to Dunkin’ Donuts..."

    We recently asked our BuzzFeed Community to share the "weirdest" story they had about one of their teachers and, whew buddy, they did not disappoint! Those stories prompted even MORE hilarious tales of teaching terror, so here are just a few of the best:

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    1. "I had an English teacher who used to keep old TV remotes on her desk labeled with certain students names (aka, the chatty ones). If that person talked in class, she would point the remote at the 'offender' and yell, 'Mute!' Even the 'offenders' found it hilarious. She was honestly one of my favorite teachers!"


    2. "I went to a very conservative Christian school where, if you used anything they considered 'bad language,' you would get suspended. So, in Art class, if you said, 'This sucks!' our teacher would save you by yelling, 'No, it vacuums!' She was hilarious."


    3. "I had a high school Psychology teacher who kept multiple mannequin heads in his classroom. We still don't know why. He would put them upside down in the ceiling tiles, in filing cabinet drawers, dress them up, toss them at students that weren’t paying attention, etc."


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    4. "My AP English teacher once had us all get signed permission slips so they could drive our class to Dunkin’ Donuts to celebrate 'Free Iced Coffee Day.' There was no lesson or anything attached to it...just free coffee."


    5. "My AP Psychology teacher would walk through the hallways during passing period and kneel before his students like they were a king/queen and give them fist bumps. He was by far my favorite teacher ever. Love you, Mr. K!"


    6. "My eighth grade Social Studies teacher would instruct us to write down every single word he said. Even if he trailed off into stories about his former career as a mailman. He would trail off, lose his sense of bearings, then snap back with, 'You're writing all this down, right?!' We certainly were."



    7. "I had a History teacher who would throw rubber ducks at kids who fell asleep in her class. If she didn't have a duck on hand, she would sneak up on the kid and tip their desk back instead. Having her first hour early in the morning made for A LOT of laughs"


    8. "I had an English teacher who ran around the room pretending to be a deer for the first day of deer hunting season. He ran around with his fingers up on his head like antlers. Then we were supposed to 'hunt' him. We had to throw papers and try to hit him. He would not stop this nonsense until someone hit him."


    9. "I had a teacher in high school who would give us the last test of the year right before Christmas. He called it the 'Yule Jewel.' It took TWO DAYS to take but, on the third day, he'd return the tests dressed as Santa and pull them out of his Santa Sack with a candy cane if you passed."


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    10. "My old English teacher in high school had a swear jar. Whenever it got full enough, she’d use the money in it to buy us a family size of candy that we got to pick a piece from after a quiz or presentation!"


    11. "In the first class of my first semester of Nursing school, the teacher dressed up as Florence Nightingale to talk about the history and foundation of Nursing. It was such a great way to break the first day tension in a room full of anxious overachievers, and I'll always remember it!"


    12. "My junior year History teacher would play the "It is Wednesday, my dudes!” Vine on the projector every. Single. Wednesday. Very loudly. Eventually a teacher from a neighboring classroom had to come in and ask him to stop, but it was the funniest thing."


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    13. "My 10th grade English teacher had a hipster mustache before they were cool. He eventually grew it out, shaved it off, and literally hung it up as a decoration in his classroom."


    14. "I had an AP Economy teacher who — just for the fun of it — decided to buy himself Heelys (the shoes with wheels in them). Mind you, this man is like 60 years old. He would roll around school with them and skate back and forth in the classroom while lecturing. It was the funniest thing to watch, but he also did end up spraining his ankle while doing this at one point."


    15. "My high school Spanish teacher once caught a cricket in a jar and was intending to give it to a student who had a pet lizard. Somebody freed the cricket while she was out of the room and she made 'Wanted' posters with a picture of the cricket. She hung them up all over the school."


    16. "I dressed up as the Joker for Halloween one year and — when I walked into History class — the teacher looked at me and said, 'Shall we take over Gotham together?!' That's when I realized he was dressed as the Penguin. We did NOT plan that, and he's still my favorite teacher."


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    17. "My high school English teacher’s ringtone was 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk. I know this because, one day, his phone went off in the middle of class and he just said, 'Ohhh MY!' It was hilarious."


    18. "I had an English teacher in high school who was simply the BEST. She came in one day super excited to show us this documentary about a giant crocodile. It was a two hour documentary that took up two days of class time. There was no assignment attached to it...she just thought it was cool and wanted to share it with us."


    19. "We had this awesome Chemistry teacher who liked shooting everyone with a Nerf gun. It didn't matter if you were a student or a teacher...if you were in his classroom, then you were in the line of fire. He would do it if you were talking when you weren't supposed to, if you were using your phone, etc. So, one Christmas, my entire class saved up to buy him this huge Nerf machine gun as a gift and we spent the whole lesson having a giant Nerf gun battle outside. That was an amazing day."


    Now it's your turn! Do you have a weird/random/silly teacher story that rivals these?! Share yours in the comments below!

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