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The New Trailer For "Mom And Dad" Is Here And What In The Sweet Heck Did I Just Watch

Your parents brought you into this world, and they can take you out (literally).

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So, we're all familiar with Nicolas Cage, right?

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Actor, madman, thief of the Declaration of Independence.

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He is the TRUE national treasure.

Well his newest film, Mom and Dad, just got a trailer and you better buckle TF up because holy filicide.

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While I'm sure every parent has had the fleeting thought "I love you, but sometimes I want to murder you," this film takes that sentiment and runs with it.

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When every parent in America simultaneously snaps, wanting to straight-up kill their kids, the youngsters must go into full fight-or-flight animal instinct mode in order to survive.

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While Cage of course plays the father, the film also includes Selma Blair as the mother, giving what's sure to be an incredible performance.

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What's even CRAZIER about this already insane movie is that Mom and Dad actually received glowing reviews out of the Toronto Film Fest for the acting and action.

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So if pure madness is your thing, be sure to catch this one in theaters and VOD on Jan. 19, 2018!

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