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What Is Your Most Aggressively Unpopular Opinion About A Movie That Most People Love?

This is a safe space, I promise. (Kind of.)

Look, let's be real: We all have an AGGRESSIVELY unpopular opinion about a movie that every other human being seems to really love.

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Heck, maybe YOU even like it, you just have an unpopular opinion about it.

So β€” I bet you can guess where I'm headed with this β€” what's YOUR most aggressively unpopular opinion about an incredibly popular movie? You know, the opinion that always seems to start a fight, no matter who you bring it up to.

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The more specific the opinion, the better! Try to think beyond, "Everyone likes this movie, but *I* don't!" I'm lookin' for some deep cuts here!

Maybe your opinion is that β€” while you can admit The Dark Knight is great β€” you personally prefer Batman Begins.

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Or perhaps your opinion is about a beloved classic, like Casablanca, and you firmly believe Ilsa made the wrong choice and should've stayed with Rick β€” ruining the end of the movie.

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Heck, maybe it's a TRULY wild opinion and you firmly believe that everyone in The Mummy* made dumbass decisions and, as a result, kind of had it coming.

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But you'd be wrong because, as well all know, The Mummy is the only perfect movie.

Share YOUR most aggressive (and specific) unpopular opinion about a widely beloved movie in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!

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