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    16 More Unpopular Horror Movie Opinions That'll Scare You More Than The Movies They're About

    "'Torture porn' should be its own category."

    We recently asked members of our BuzzFeed Community, "What is your most aggressively unpopular horror movie opinion?" and their entires inspired even MORE ire in the comments! Here are just a few of the most awe-inducing opinions shared:

    1. "I’m tired of this new horror movie cliche, 'Aliens took over our planet, so we have to be completely silent or we’ll die, good thing we happen to have a teenage deaf daughter and all know sign language.'”

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    "As a person with a hearing impairment, I absolutely love having visibility shown for fellow hard of hearing/deaf folks, especially in my favorite genre of movies. That being said, I’m getting tired of this new horror movie cliche. I want to see either an all-hearing family who struggles staying quiet OR an all-deaf family struggling to not make any noise."


    2. "Chernobyl Diaries is an amazing, criminally underrated horror movie!"

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    "Overly harsh critics all complained that it was too formulaic to have the characters picked off one-by-one...but isn’t that, like, 95% of horror movies? It was a cool concept that created a super creepy atmosphere!"


    3. "Dolls are always creepy, even when they're not possessed or killers."

    United Artists

    "Even if they're just sitting there, doing nothing...dolls are still creepy as hell! (I think it's the eyes?)"


    4. "People who try too hard to separate 'thriller' from 'horror' are people who think 'horror' is only torture porn."

    Lions Gate Films

    " doesn’t make you a film buff to say, 'That's not HORROR!' as if horror is lesser than."


    5. "The Insidious movies were all terrible."


    "My only truly unpopular horror opinion. Please, someone explain the hype to me."


    6. "Ellen Ripley from Alien is the first true final girl, and also the best one."

    20th Century Fox

    "Period. Even if you think Alien as a whole is super boring."


    7. "Practical effects will always be scarier than CGI, no matter how good the CGI is. ALWAYS."

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    "Films like John Carpenter's The Thing and the remake of The Fly prove that definitively."


    8. "Horror films framed around real animals shouldn't exist."

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    "We keep making ourselves terrified of animals (sharks, for example, are one of my biggest irrational fears because I watched Jaws when I was young) and then not fighting for their right to exist in this horrifying world of ours. Let's stick to fake monsters and real-life human insanity to scare the bejesus out of us. Kids shouldn't see tigers or snakes or spiders as 'mean' animals when they're just trying to live."


    9. "House of 1000 Corpses is better than The Devil's Rejects."

    Lionsgate Films

    "And also, possibly the best horror movie of all time."


    10. "'Torture porn' should be its own category."


    "I hate them so much. I absolutely can't watch them, but I love other horror movies, so it gets confusing."


    11. "The Exorcist, while perhaps innovative and groundbreaking in its time, is no longer scary."

    Warner Bros.

    "It just doesn't hold up by today's standards."


    12. "The Halloween movies would've been more scary if the soundtrack didn't go so hard."

    Compass International Pictures

    "And I mean BOTH the original and the 2018 reboot."


    13. "Psychological horror movies are scarier than any other type of horror movie."


    "For example, the movie Hard Candy may not be a 'horror' movie in the way you think of the genre, but it definitely forces you to feel dread and anxiety throughout the whole movie, which is far more scarring than a few cheap scares."


    14. "The Scream movies are honestly kind of trash."

    Dimension Films

    "With the obvious exception of the first one."


    15. "Ari Aster is not only the greatest horror director out there right now, but the greatest in the genre, period."


    "Both Hereditary and Midsommar are masterpieces and, if you don’t think his movies are scary, you’re not paying enough attention."


    16. "The Blair Witch Project was only scary because of the unknown aspect that surrounded it at the time it was released."

    Artisan Entertainment

    "Going into it today, you know it’s fake. You didn’t get to read the websites and other fake release materials at the time the movie was released, so it will never have the same impact."


    Now it's your turn! What is YOUR most aggressively unpopular horror movie opinion? Share in the comments below!

    Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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