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    21 Controversial Horror Movie Opinions That Will Probably Start Fights In The Comments

    "Possessed/killer dolls aren’t scary..."

    We recently asked members of our BuzzFeed Community, "What is your most aggressively unpopular horror movie opinion?" and, WHEW BUDDY, they did NOT hold back! Here are just a few of the most awe-inducing opinions shared:

    1. "Sidney Prescott is not only the best final girl, but the best protagonist of any horror movie."

    2. "The A Nightmare on Elm Street remake is the only remotely scary film in the whole franchise."

    3. "Possessed/killer dolls aren’t scary."

    4. "Rosemary’s Baby is an awful movie with an even more awful twist."

    5. "Foreign horror movies are far better than anything Hollywood has ever put out."

    6. "The Mist was ruined by its ending."

    7. "Get Out and Us should NOT be classified as horror movies."

    8. "The Conjuring cinematic universe is one of the best mainstream horror franchises of all time."

    9. "The Blair Witch Project is okay. Just okay."

    10. "The Saw franchise isn’t actually THAT bad."

    11. "Doctor Sleep is a great horror film, and it is severely underrated."

    12. "Alien is boring."

    13. "The Final Destination series (excluding the fourth installment) is AMAZING."

    14. "The scariest character in Pet Sematary is Zelda."

    15. "Jack Nicholson being cast as Jack in The Shining ruined the movie."

    16. "The real villain in Jaws is the mayor, not the shark."

    17. "One of the most brilliant horror films ever made is Coraline."

    18. "Grave Encounters seems like a dumb movie, but it’s one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen."

    19. "James Wan is the best horror director right now."

    20. "The Boy is the most original, underrated horror film to come out in the last five years."

    21. And finally: "Gory 'torture porn' movies might not be GOOD, but it's fun to be grossed out sometimes."

    Now it's your turn! What is YOUR most aggressively unpopular horror movie opinion? Share in the comments below! Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.