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    People Are Sharing Universally Agreed Upon "A**hole Moves," And I Want To Know If You Agree With All Of Them

    Hey, like...maybe don't block someone else's driveway?

    This past weekend in a viral thread, redditor u/coffe_the_witch posited the excellent inquiry, "What's something that everyone in the world can agree is an asshole move?" and, WHEW, did Redditors really come through with some A+ answers!


    So, with that in mind, here are just a few of the most infuriating responses shared:

    1. "Blocking someone else's driveway."


    2. "Publishing a 'new version' of a textbook with a few dozen changes, charging $350 for it, and making the 'new version' the required book for the class."


    3. "Eating food that isn't yours, and is marked with someone else's name."


    A fridge full of plastic containers filled with food
    Wachirawit Iemlerkchai / Getty Images

    4. "Charging extra fees for online ticket purchases."


    5. "Getting shit on the seat of the toilet in a public restroom."


    6. "Getting mad at a cashier for the store's prices. I’ve observed this happen multiple times."


    A grocery cashier checking a customer out
    Antenna / Getty Images/fStop

    7. "Passing somebody on the road, only to then go slower than they were going."


    8. "Making it impossibly hard to cancel subscriptions."


    9. "Taking up two (or more) parking spaces by parking outside of the lines."


    Two rows of parked cars
    Nonnie192 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    10. "Being disrespectful to employees while simultaneously expecting the utmost respect in return."


    11. "When adults are unnecessarily cruel to kids."


    12. "Ditching frozen or refrigerated food on non-frozen or refrigerated grocery store shelves."


    The frozen foods aisle in a grocery store
    Katrina Wittkamp / Getty Images

    13. "Flipping through the pictures on someone else’s phone when they just wanted to show you one."


    14. "Disrespecting any 'middle man' for stuff out of their control. For example, being rude to the wait staff for bringing uncooked food or to store employees for items being out of stock."


    15. "Not replacing the toilet paper roll after you've finished the current one."


    An empty toilet paper roll
    Nycshooter / Getty Images

    16. "Not using a turn signal."


    17. "Leaving your shopping cart in an empty parking space instead of returning it to a carousel."


    18. "Trying to enter an elevator before others have exited it."


    People walking into an elevator
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    19. "Throwing someone under the bus using personal information they shared."


    20. "Playing music/videos/any sounds from your phone in a public area at full blast without headphones."


    21. "Ending a relationship via text."


    A person looking at messages on their phone
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    22. "Stealing a parking spot from someone who you saw waiting for it."


    23. "Saying some offensive bullshit, and — when someone calls you out on it — responding, 'Calm down, I was just joking! Where’s your sense of humor?'"


    24. "Leaving your garbage behind when you leave a movie theater."


    A half-filled popcorn bucket lying on the floor
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    25. "Trying to push through and exit a plane before it’s your turn."


    26. "Throwing lit cigarette butts on the ground or out of your moving car's window. The world is not your damn ashtray."


    27. "Telling everyone that 'Santa isn’t real' in elementary school."


    Santa smirking as he carries a bag full of toys
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    28. "Hiding the option to 'speak with a live customer service representative' deep within the maze of an auto-call support menu."


    29. "As a cashier, someone not having the respect to get off your damn phone during checkout."


    30. "Not holding the door for a person walking in directly behind you."


    A person holding a door open
    D3sign / Getty Images

    31. "Ghosting someone who was nothing but decent to you."


    32. "Purposely spoiling movies, books, or TV shows for other people."


    33. And finally: "Littering."


    Well, you've read their responses, but what're YOURS? Do you agree with these? What are some things you think everyone can agree upon as being pretty hardcore butthead moves? Share yours in the comments below!

    Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity. H/T: Reddit.