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Twitter Asked People For Their #BackToSchoolComplaints And I'm Honestly Crying

"Why is my seat already warm?"

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So (apparently) it's "Back to School" season.


And I do still recall the distinct pain of summer ending, even though I graduated some time ago*.

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*I did my time, okay, don't come for me.

So today the #BackToSchoolComplaints hashtag began on Twitter to give students, parents, and teachers all some room to vent and, boy, did they come prepared.


1. First up, the students (my poor bbys you are honestly in my thoughts).

Have to spend much more time amongst unsavoury characters. #BackToSchoolComplaints


How did I spend my summer? How many ways can you write "played video games?" #BackToSchoolComplaints @993WCJC


You get the stomach virus. You get the stomach virus. Everyone gets the stomach virus. #BackToSchoolComplaints


#BackToSchoolComplaints Basically: Mom: Your bands distract you from your school work. Me: My school work distracts me from my bands.


Why. Do. Textbooks. Cost. So. Much. #BackToSchoolComplaints


#BackToSchoolComplaints How many forms do I have to fill out every year, same info. Don't you have computers?


Those damn bullies #BackToSchoolComplaints


Why is my seat already warm #BackToSchoolComplaints


#BackToSchoolComplaints No more sleeping in...


When teachers mispronounced your name. #BackToSchoolComplaints

11. Next the parents because without them, who would we even have to share our complaints with?!

Trying to find 20 different colored folders. #BackToSchoolComplaints


Getting stuck behind that school bus for 6 miles.. #BackToSchoolComplaints


One word: Fundraiser #BackToSchoolComplaints


The drop off and pick up lines. I'm already dreading it. #BackToSchoolComplaints


#BackToSchoolComplaints How is my kid supposed to play baseball, football, hockey AND the violin with all of this homework?


This is the year my kids finally see me as the math idiot that I am. I barely kept up last year. #BackToSchoolComplaints

17. And a nod to the teachers because if High School Musical taught us anything, it's that "We're All In This Together".

Who took my red gel pen... #BackToSchoolComplaints


"We're already out of gluesticks." #BackToSchoolComplaints

19. On the other hand, some people were just not here for August being "Back To School" time, period.

Um, why are we talking about back to school this early? #BackToSchoolComplaints


#BackToSchoolComplaints August is TOO early.

21. But FR, no matter how much it sucks now, you know deep down it'll pay off in the long run...and frankly adulthood is terrifying, anyway.

#BackToSchoolComplaints None! School is the best. Stay there.. It's scary out here!!!

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