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    18 Jokes About Working From Home That Are Equal Parts Hilarious And Accurate

    My cat is my favorite coworker, and the hanging plant in the corner is my least favorite.

    At the beginning of March 2020, we were just starting to see people being asked to work from home due to the coronavirus. Now, a full 12 years later*, even more of the world's population find themselves under strict orders to stay home for their jobs.

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    *This is not an exaggeration. I'm old, Gandalf.

    So — with this in mind — here are even MORE hilarious tweets that perfectly capture the comedy and tragedy that is making a living from inside your home. You're welcome:


    Tips for working from home: Get dressed. Keep a dedicated work space. Wear a mask. Demand that box 5 be left empty. Abduct your singing protégée. Threaten to destroy the opera house. Set clear goals. Don't forget to take breaks.


    day 9 in quarantine: On my way to working from home


    every woman working from home is doing so on a macbook air on the couch, cup of tea. every man is at a 3-monitor setup with the loudest keyboard he could find at best buy.


    Little bro is working from home and wanted his cat to look more "professional" when he appeared in the webcam during team (video) meetings so he bought him a set of ties. #QuarantineCats


    me and me dad are sharing the dining room table working from home today. He's an aerospace engineer on a conference call ordering fuselage prototypes and I'm drawing a duck


    Me after working from home headed to happy hour in my kitchen


    My dad just walked into the room looking sad as fuck with his fists closed and said “I just realized my office plant is gonna die” bc he’s working from home LMAO


    These “I make $4000 a week working from home and you can too!” mfs awfully quiet now


    A perfect representation of how I look working from the office vs working from home.


    Working from home is making me go to the kitchen more times than usual 😅


    On my 4th day of working from home I discovered cat enjoys playing fetch with nerf gun


    me: i have a zoom meeting later my cat: oh me too


    Zoom check-in question: “How is everyone doing working from home?” Me, hiding my existential breakdown:


    My husband is working from home and he’s still late.



    having an artist spouse working from home is crazy, like damn bitch you really do draw all day


    Me logging in to Zoom for a meeting last Friday vs me logging in to Zoom for a meeting today


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