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    Here Are Some Tweets You'll Enjoy If You're Currently Stuck Working From Home

    "Work is important, but so is staring at my cats." —Me, working from home.

    With the current nature of the coronavirus outbreak, many people find themselves working from home by instruction of their companies in order to slow the spread of the virus.

    So, to keep y'all entertained, I took the liberty of curating some of the silliest/truest tweets about what it's TRULY like to work from home. You're welcome:


    I guess we’re about to find out which meetings could’ve been emails after all...



    GOING TO WORK • you have to commute • coworkers might get you sick WORKING FROM HOME • you can sleep in longer • you can't get sick from coworkers • local raccoons are ready & willing to help you shred papers


    I’m not working from home, I’m succeeding at a distance.


    don’t understand everyone breathlessly giving or soliciting advice about how to work from home. you just do the work you would normally do but in your pajamas instead. it’s real easy!


    fifth harmony wrote work from home about the coronavirus


    coronavirus is shaping up to be not so bad for introverts: - work from home - avoid public places, social gatherings - if you have to go out, stay 6 feet away from strangers


    Working from home comes with welcome distractions.


    CDC: a quarantine has been placed on your area for coronavirus Me: oh no CDC: Please do not leave your house Me: *taking off pants* this is terrible CDC: All office work must be conducted from home until further notice Me: *laying on couch w bag of chips* what a nightmare


    Working from home has really opened my eyes to the madness that goes on in the daytime. Someone knocked on my door to sell me fresh fish?


    Me at work: I would be WAY more productive and focused working from home! Me working from home:


    Tips for those of you about to start working from home... 1) Wanking. Get to love it. 2) lunch. It’s a big thing. Your entire day will hinge around this. 3) The Postman. They will appear when you are wanking. 4) Radio on ok. TV on bad. 5) Wanking.


    Pros of working from home: - No pants - Loud music Cons of working from home: - You have to make your own coffee - You talk to yourself too much


    My only advice about working from home in isolation is that you can get dressed if you want, I'm sure it helps some people, but know this: I've worn exclusively pajamas and athleisure for four years and the only downside is that normal clothes feel like a cage of discomfort now


    As someone who’s worked from home for the past 8 years I recommend: 1) wearing a robe with pockets for your pencil and notebook 2) a long walk in the middle of the day to contemplate how beautiful life is and how much working in an office sucks ass 3) buying good coffee beans


    My friend has been asked by her boss to hold a meeting in the office on why everyone shouldn’t be overreacting to corona virus, which her boss can’t deliver because he’s working from home as he’s too worried over corona virus...


    So much working from home advice about getting work done and so little about stopping working


    If we all start working from home, we need to check in on the extroverts.

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