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21 Jokes About Being Alive In 2021 That Are As Funny As They Are Factual

See ya never, 2021!

Y'all, 2021 was a doozy.

So with that in mind, we took to Twitter to collect the most random-yet-specific tweets about existing in the year 2021 as a human being that — somehow — absolutely all of us will be able to relate to. Ready? I sure hope so! Here we go:

1. This detailed summary:

Twitter: @IamGustav_

2. This list of very important rules:

I know we’re all tired of being on Zoom, but some important Zoom etiquette reminders: - everyone wants to see your cat - don’t just say “my cat is here,” hold your cat up to the camera so we can see it - when your cat is on camera, either say “cat” or type “cat” in the chat

Twitter: @libshipwreck

3. This trust issue:

my trust issues so bad I don’t even trust these:

Twitter: @itsmeyeseniaa

4. This escalating "oh no":

2020: the pandemic is coming you gotta stay inside ME: oh no 2021: the pandemic is ending you gotta go outside ME: OH NO

Twitter: @ianpauldukes

5. This accurate image use:

“why don’t you have your camera on?” me:

HBO / Via Twitter: @oocsopranos

6. This change of heart:

April 2020: working from home sucks April 2021: if we have to go back to the office full-time I will quit

Twitter: @svershbow

7. This prediction:

Twitter: @onlinegirlie

8. This request:

please stop asking me what my summer plans are, I liked it better when everyone was saying stuff like you're doing amazing for just existing during these times

Twitter: @behindyourback

9. This active imagination:

Me logging off slack to my co-workers I've never met in person:

NBC / Via Twitter: @wtflanksteak

10. This simple truth:

am I working at my regular capacity? no. but am I prioritizing and taking care of the most important tasks? no. but am I at least taking care of myself and my mental health? also no.

Twitter: @etengastro

11. This missed feeling:

Twitter: @AbdulRajput_

12. This excellent suggestion:

Have we tried hiding their vaccines in a little bit of peanut butter

Twitter: @LukeFJensen

13. As well as this excellent suggestion:

they needa distribute the vaccine the same way apple did us with that U2 album

Twitter: @fridahalo

14. This massive cast:

CDC says fully vaccinated people can join the cast of Knives Out 2

Twitter: @benwassertweet

15. This exit:

Me clicking “leave meeting” while everybody saying bye

Twitter: @Priiish_

16. This break time:

Twitter: @mightbecursed

17. This handshake:

me getting me doing the vaccine karaoke 🤝 I want to do the Dolly Parton one

Twitter: @thereal_becca

18. This ignored "rule":

CDC: Wear a mask! Social Distance! Get the vaccine! Me: absolutely! CDC: don’t eat raw cookie dough Me: I’ll see you in hell

Twitter: @daphnethewriter

19. This hilarious visual:

Tying my boyfriend up like a horse outside the restaurant I’m eating inside of after I’m vaccinated and he’s not

Twitter: @MsSouthpark2915

20. This plan ruiner:

Twitter: @Carlos_Film

21. And finally, this lady (who is now my hero):

I’m checking temperatures today at work & this lady walks in, I check her temp she says loudly “YOU SAID MY TEMPERATURE 100 & WHAT? let me go home” y’all she really left😭😂 it was only 96😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Twitter: @vision_josie

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