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    23 TV Shows That Were So Perfectly Cast, They Deserve An Award Just For That

    Casting directors: The true unsung heroes of entertainment.

    We recently asked members of our BuzzFeed Community, "If there was a Golden Globe given for 'Best Casting in a TV Series,' which shows definitely would've taken home an award?" and their answers did not disappoint! Here are just a few of the most perfectly cast TV shows of all time:

    1. Supernatural


    Casting By: Robert J. Ulrich, Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer, Coreen Mayrs, Alex Newman, Heike Brandstatter, and Patrick Rush

    "Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are the reason this show has lasted for 15 years. They also have Misha Collins, who is great as Castiel, and Jeffery Dean Morgan was amazing as their father when he was on the show. The onscreen chemistry is just incredible!"


    2. Insecure


    Casting By: Victoria Thomas, Matthew Maisto, and Christopher Gray

    "Issa Rae is definitely my favorite, but each character stands out in their own way, and the interactions between the characters on the show feel so authentic."


    3. Dark


    Casting By: Simone Bär

    "It’s a German time travel/sci-fi series on Netflix. The show has dozens of characters that we see in the present, '80s, '50s, and then 30 years in the future. You know immediately who the older/younger versions of the characters are because they're all cast SO well. It’s also full of familial connections that are easily spotted due to the fabulous casting. I’ve never seen anything like it from a casting perspective. Superb!"


    4. Killing Eve

    BBC America

    Casting By: Suzanne Crowley and Gilly Poole

    "Sandra Oh was the perfect Eve and Jodie Comer was the only one who could’ve been Villanelle. Not to mention Kim Bodnia and Fiona Shaw! The casting was perfection and, though their characters are so different from their actors, they fit like puzzle pieces."


    5. Scrubs


    Casting By: Brett Benner, Debby Romano, and Blyth Nailling

    "Every single character on that show was perfectly cast. Everyone had such amazing chemistry with each other and if even one actor had been replaced, the show would not have been the same."


    6. Frasier


    Casting By: Jeff Greenberg and Patti Carns Kalles

    "The whole cast has such strong family chemistry that it would be believable for them all to be actually related or super close friends in real life. In my opinion, the show did the opposite of what shows like The Big Bang Theory do: It provided smart comedy for smart people, but always punched UP at pretension and elitism. Sheer perfection!"


    7. Elite


    Casting By: Diego Betancor, Eva Leira, and Yolanda Serrano

    "One of the most perfectly cast shows of all time. Everyone is so passionately into their characters."


    8. Stranger Things


    Casting By: Carmen Cuba

    "All of the actors are extremely talented and have amazing chemistry. They all complement each other very well without overshadowing one another."


    9. Community


    Casting By: Juel Bestrop, Dava Waite, Josh Einsohn, and Dawn Nygren

    "The banter between the characters and the hilarious antics they got up to just wouldn’t be the same with different actors. And I'm not just talking about the main study group, but the minor characters as well."


    10. Firefly


    Casting By: Anya Colloff, Jennifer Fishman, and Amy McIntyre Britt

    "Each character was so perfectly cast, I couldn't imagine anyone else playing those characters."


    11. The Good Place


    Casting By: Ben Harris and Allison Jones

    "You can tell they have amazing chemistry with each other on and offscreen. They made their characters come alive."


    12. Will and Grace


    Casting By: Tracy Lilienfield and Julie Ashton

    "The show may have had its ups and downs, but the four leads were amazing. Then add in Rosario and some fantastic guest star arcs (Harry Connick Jr., Bobby Cannavale, the superb Leslie Jordan, etc.), and you’ve got lightning in a bottle."


    13. The Umbrella Academy


    Casting By: Libby Goldstein and Junie Lowry-Johnson

    "Not only do the actors embody their individual roles, but they have the chemistry of real siblings, which is SO important. The way Ellen Page responded to her siblings being jerks to her was exactly the way I'd act if it were my brothers saying it about me."


    14. Sherlock


    Casting By: Kate Rhodes James and Julia Duff

    "Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. Martin Freeman as Watson. Andrew Scott as Moriarty. Like, come on. Every single role from the leads right down to the one-off characters was so perfect. I can't think of anyone else who could have played any of those roles better."


    15. New Girl


    Casting By: Juel Bestrop, Seth Yanklewitz, Anya Colloff, Michael V. Nicolo, and Jessica Munks

    "All of the central characters were developed, interesting, and perfectly played by the actors. There was never a pairing that I didn't want to see and everyone played off each other perfectly."


    16. What We Do in the Shadows


    Casting By: Gayle Keller, Ben Harris, and Allison Jones

    "The cast could not be more perfect. Each actor completely transforms into their character and adds a different kind of humor to the show, which makes it one giant comedic melting pot. The writing is superb, but the actors are the ones that make it come to life."


    17. The Wire


    Casting By: Alexa L. Fogel

    "Amazing casting, season after season."


    18. Galavant


    Casting By: Kate Dowd, Noureddine Aberdine, and Susan Vash

    "Not only was the show amazing for other reasons, but the cast worked so well together. Even when they switched up who was interacting with who, the chemistry was still there."


    19. Orange Is the New Black


    Casting By: Jennifer Euston and Stephanie DeCourcey

    "I cannot imagine anybody else playing those people like those actors. Especially Red, Taystee, Nicky, and Piper. Those characters were played so well."


    20. Freaks & Geeks


    Casting By: Allison Jones

    "One season of totally relatable kids. I think I was about 14 when it came out and it was the first time I saw a show about teens where they LOOKED like teens, which, as a British kid watching US shows, was a brand-new experience. They usually look upwards of 30."


    21. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    Casting By: Juel Bestrop and Allison Jones

    "Every single character is likable and quirky, and the acting is never forced. Plus, all of the friendship pairings are amazing, and the humor is always amazingly perfect."


    22. Star Trek: The Next Generation


    Casting By: Junie Lowry-Johnson and Ron Surma

    "It had a rocky first season, but once everybody settled into their roles, it was unbeatable. The episodes where they let them laugh at themselves were always my favorites."


    23. And finally, Game of Thrones


    Casting By: Nina Gold, Robert Sterne, Sasa Pirolic, and Edward Said

    "Even with the awful final season writing, the actors were still incredible."


    Now it's your turn! Is your favorite on here? In your opinion, which TV show is perfectly cast and why? Share your pick in the comments below!

    Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity.

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