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    The Most Quotable Line In The "Thor: Ragnarok" Teaser Was The Idea Of A Make-A-Wish Foundation On-Set Guest

    A joke worthy of wielding Mjölnir.

    Thor: Ragnarok promises to be different than any of its predecessors.

    We're still getting all the badass action we've come to expect from the God of Thunder (from down under), but there's definitely a shift in tone from the previous entries.

    And this shift is particularly noticeable in the first teaser trailer we received back in April, where the film takes on a (dare I say) *more fun* feel.

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    One big cause for this is likely that, as Director Taika Waititi told MTV News, much of the film's dialogue was completely improvised on the spot.

    And it wasn't just the actors and crew doing the ad-libbing, as Chris Hemsworth told Entertainment Weekly amid the chaos of Comic-Con.

    During what will likely become an iconic scene between Thor and The Hulk, Hemsworth was playing around with how to react when he first sees his Avengers bro. It was then that Hemsworth got the idea for a line from an adorable source.

    "We had a young kid, a Make-A-Wish kid on set that day. He goes, ‘You know, you should say, ‘He’s a friend from work!'" Hemsworth shared.

    Well, Hemsworth DID say it and the line not only made it into the movie, but it was the closer for the first teaser trailer!

    This story genuinely makes the line that much greater, immortalizing the young Thor fan's humor and making him forever a part of the Marvel Universe.

    Definitely a joke worthy of wielding Mjölnir.

    Read the full interview from Entertainment Weekly here!