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    Tommy Lee Jones Couldn't Stand Working With Jim Carrey On "Batman Forever" And It's A Genuinely Insane Story

    "He couldn't sanction my buffoonery."

    If you were a child in the '90s, you probably remember that Batman Forever was where it was AT.

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    Shush, you know it's great.

    And you probably already know that Jim Carrey (aka the Riddler) was the bane of Tommy Lee Jones' (aka Two-Face) existence while filming.

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    Well, this week Jim Carrey stopped by Norm Macdonald Live and shared an anecdote about just how deep that hate river ran (the story starts at roughly the 1:08:30 mark).

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    Mid-story, Carrey quoted "I cannot sanction your buffoonery," a statement infamously made by Tommy Lee Jones while they were shooting Batman Forever, which then led to Carrey sharing some details about that night at a restaurant.

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    "The maître d' said, 'Oh, I hear you're working with Tommy Lee Jones. He's over in the corner having dinner,'" Carrey recalled. "I went over and I said, 'Hey Tommy, how are you doing?' and the blood just drained from his face."

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    "And he got up shaking — he must have been in mid–kill-me fantasy or something like that," Carrey joked. "He went to hug me and he said, 'I hate you. I really don't like you.'"

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    Carrey went on, stating, "I said, 'What's the problem?' and pulled up a chair, which probably wasn't smart. And he said, 'I cannot sanction your buffoonery.'"

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    Though, in true Carrey fashion, he went on to add: "He's a phenomenal actor, though. I still love him."

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    So that's the whole scoop, and I would 100% watch a shot-for-shot remake with these two.

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    H/T The Hollywood Reporter

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