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    So, Tom Hardy Had A Deleted Cameo In "The Last Jedi" And It's Bizarre AF

    Spoiler: He literally slaps Finn on the ass.

    So, whether you love to hate it or hate to love it, you probably have some feelings about The Last Jedi.


    Rey: [Gasps] I feel something!

    And, with the film already available on digital and nearing its Blu-ray release this month, we are learning more about some of the hilarious behind-the-scenes moments.


    Like how Laura Dern continuously said "Pew, pew" when firing her blaster and you can fully see it in the actual film.

    Well, another bit of newness we just received was a deleted scene/celeb cameo involving Tom Hardy as a Stormtrooper's weird as all heck, just watch it:

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    The scene involves Finn, Rose, BB-8, and D.J. right after they've boarded Snoke's ship in disguise.


    They're nervously riding in an elevator when one of Finn's old ~work buds~ recognizes him and causes everyone to tense TF up.


    This ~work bud~ being Hardy, serving us full Stormtrooper realness.

    But the scene takes a silly turn, when Hardy doesn't actually KNOW that Finn defected, instead thinking he received some kind of super-sweet promotion.


    What is with the southern accent???

    Tonally, the scene is just plain odd, which is likely why it was cut from the final film. Like, it plays out like a Saturday Night Live skit or something.


    TBH, I'm still kind of obsessed with it, though???

    Anyway, learn more behind-the-scenes goodness by checking out The Last Jedi on digital now, or grabbing it when it comes out on Blu-ray March 27!