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    This Artist's Comics About The Struggles Of Being A Cat Mom Are The Most Relatable Thing

    *Knocks all of the comics off of the table.*

    Look, while being a cat parent is rewarding, it's also TOUGH. Often times, it's an experience that only our fellow cat parents can truly understand.

    And no one has captured this experience better than artist Vernessa Himmler, who decided to illustrate the every day struggles and successes of being the mother of two cats.

    Here are just a few of her most relatable comics:

    1. This reality:

    2. This "Good Morning" sight:

    3. This hungry pair:

    4. This accurate diagram:

    5. This case of mistaken identity:

    6. This flawed logic:

    7. This failed snuggle attempt:

    8. This petting problem:

    9. This fuzzy fix:

    10. This yoga fail:

    11. This bed choice:

    12. This toy(?) collection:

    13. This boxed gift:

    14. This attention whore:

    15. And finally, this sharing problem:

    If you love these comics, be sure to check out all of Vernissa's other hilarious work on her Instagram, Facebook, and personal website!