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19 Very Specific Things That Happen At Every Adult Halloween Party

Because being an adult is scarier than any costume, TBH.

1. So you arrive at your best friend's annual Halloween party and the scariest thing so far is the parking situation.

2. As you enter the house, it's SO DARK you can barely see where you're walking and start tripping all over the damn place.

3. As you trip inside, there's a non-descript horror movie soundtrack BLARING over all the conversation.

4. The only breaks in this terrifying, hearing-loss soundtrack is the occasional playing of "Monster Mash."

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A graveyard SMASH.

5. Which means pretty much no one will be dancing the entire night.

6. It's early but, in the corner of the entryway, there's a dude in a plug costume already quietly fighting with his girlfriend, who is dressed as a socket.

7. And, in the living room, one of the 40 thousand sequels to Friday the 13th is being projected onto a wall.

8. There's a fog machine blasting out smoke, which means the whole place reeks of that ~fog machine smell~.

9. In short, your friend went overboard with the decor, AGAIN.

10. There are candy wrappers all over the floor, but no candy bowls in sight.

11. All you want is a Reese's cup...but all you can find is candy corn and yellow Starbursts.

12. Someone dressed as Wonder Woman is making out with someone dressed as Captain America in a not-so-secluded corner.

13. Also there are, like, six guys dressed up as Heath Ledger's Joker.

14. And one sad, confused guy dressed as Jared Leto's Joker.

15. But they're all busy making fun of the two girls dressed as Harley Quinn???

16. Still, it's better than the 50% of people who didn't bother to dress up at all, leaving the rest of you to feel silly.

Tbt to Halloween when I dressed as the babadook but my friend's house had more of a grown ups drinking wine vibe

17. Plus, things get REAL awkward when small children show up at the door to trick or treat.

18. Still, it's fun to see everyone get together sharing the spirit of Halloween, even though you're all lame-ass adults now.

19. And, no matter how lame the party is or how old y'all get, you know you'll be doing it ALL again next year!

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