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    There Are So Many Stars In "Murder On The Orient Express" That We're Going To Need To Make A New Galaxy

    This movie is going to make that "six degrees of separation" game a lot easier.

    So back in June we got our first look at the star-studded Murder on the Orient Express remake, based on the novel by Agatha Christie.

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    The story follows a group of 13 people traveling through Europe by train, when suddenly one passenger ends up murdered. A classic whodunit mystery ensues.

    It feels like literally everyone is in it, from Olaf the Snowman to Rey to Captain Jack Sparrow to Gilderoy Lockhart.

    And this past week, we got a second official trailer.

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    Scott Free Productions / Via

    Gilderoy Lockhart — aka Kenneth Branagh — is Hercule Poirot, a "world famous" detective who just so happens to be on the ~murder train~.

    This new trailer is a great showcase of suspense, promising performances, and a lot of actors doing very interesting accents.

    Either way this movie looks amazing, so get hype for Nov. 9, 2017.