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We Just Got Our First Full-Length Trailer For James Franco's Film About "The Room" And It Looks Insane

"I need to show my ass to sell this movie."

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So James Franco has been M.I.A. for a hot minute while working on The Disaster Artist: a film based on a novel, based on a true story experience, based on a film.


The cult classic The Room being the film in question.

Tommy Wiseau's The Room is widely regarded as one of the best bad films ever, and The Disaster Artist tells the story of how it came to life from the perspective of Wiseau's real-life friend and on-screen frenemy, Greg Sestero (aka Mark).


While we received an extremely promising teaser trailer back in July, today we got our first full-length look.

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And it's...still weird how much Franco actually looks and sounds like Wiseau. Like, I'm not over it yet?


The full-length trailer teases some of the most iconic scenes from the original film, ranging from the infamous "I did not hit her" rooftop monologue.


To all the random football throwing.


To the gratuitous sex(?) scenes.


The trailer follows last night's official screening of the film at the Toronto Film Festival, and you best believe Mr. Tommy "You're tearing me apart, Lisa" Wiseau was on hand to celebrate.

I think Tommy Wiseau has defined smart casual

Wiseau enjoyed the film himself, while still underplaying his reaction in true ~Wiseau style~.

"I love it 99.9%" Tommy Wiseau says of The Disaster Artist.

I simply must know more.

And the audience reactions were pretty unanimous...the movie is great.

James Franco's Tommy Wiseau is really incredible. (And he apparently directed the movie in character.)

I know I loved The Disaster Artist bc I was sandwiched btwn a loud drunk dude & a girl who kept flipping her hair in my face & I didn't care

James Franco's performance as Tommy Wiseau in THE DISASTER ARTIST is so good that Daniel Day-Lewis had to retire.

The Disaster Artist hits theaters Dec. 1st, 2017.

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