John Krasinski's Directorial Debut "A Quiet Place" Has A New Trailer And Just All Of The Nope

    I will not be quiet about how good this looks! *bu-dum-tss*

    So, a couple of months back we received our first look at John Krasinski's directorial debut, A Quiet Place.

    And today we were blessed by the movie gods with a second trailer, which better illustrates the rules of this terrifyingly dystopian world.

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    The film, which Krasinski also stars in alongside his talented wife, Emily Blunt, takes place in a war-torn, post-apocalyptic world.

    Those left living must somehow navigate their daily lives without making ANY noise, for fear that some mysterious creatures (who hunt solely by sound) will find them.

    And the entire thing looks like an absolute anxiety-ridden nightmare.

    All culminating at the end of the trailer, with Blunt's very pregnant character in a bath tub, possibly trying to give birth as quietly as possible which, you know what, just no. No, thank you.

    So do your best to hold your breath until the film opens in theaters April 6, 2018!