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    "My Friend Dahmer" Is A Biopic About The Serial Killer Written By Someone Who Knew Him In High School

    "We need to talk about Jeff."

    So back in July we got our first look at My Friend Dahmer, a biopic documenting the early life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

    And this week we received a second trailer which showcases more of Dahmer's home life and earliest red flags.

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    The film, based on John Backderf's 2012 graphic novel, follows Backderf's real life experience and explores what it was like being friends with Dahmer in their teenage years.

    The trailer is quick to establish glaring differences between Dahmer and his classmates, and is filled with eerie foreshadowing into his future.

    The visuals are truly haunting, filled with images just innocent enough to appear normal on the surface, but just off enough to be chilling.

    My Friend Dahmer comes to theaters Nov. 3rd, 2017.