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    Jul 27, 2017

    Hera Give Me Strength: The "Wonder Woman" Sequel Has An Official Release Date

    From Themyscira, with Love.

    If you haven't seen Wonder Woman yet, you must be living on some kind of isolated island paradise.

    Warner Bros. / PopSugar / Via

    The film has been universally praised by critics and fans alike as a 2 hour and 21 minutes masterpiece of sheer girl power, cementing Gal Gadot's status as real life #GoddessGoals.

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    *whispers* i love u

    In fact, the only thing our girl hit harder than Ares was the Box Office, *lassoing* in over $390 million domestically since its opening.

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    It was revealed at Comic-Con that our ass-kicking Amazon would DEFINITELY be making a triumphant return, but the "whos" and "whens" were still unknown.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    *deflecting rumors like*

    But now the "when" is official: Diana Prince and all her gorgeous glory will return to the screen December 13th, 2019!

    Warner Bros. / IndiaForms / Via

    But there are still so many unanswered questions, like will Patty Jenkins return to direct? Who will co-star alongside Gal? HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO WAIT UNTIL 2019?

    Warner Bros. / TheMarySue / Via

    Still, if you're needing a little WW fix before then, you can always see her this year in Justice League November 17!

    Warner Bros. / Digitalspy / Via

    Until then, you'll catch me slidin' into theaters in 2019 like:

    Warner Bros. / TheCrookedPen / Via

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