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    Amy Adams' New Thriller, "The Woman In The Window," Has A Trailer And Now I'm Scared To Go Outside

    This movie looks bonkers, y'all.

    Hello, how are you? Great. I'm here to tell you that God is, in fact, a woman, and her name is Amy Adams...that is all.

    And this week we received our first trailer for her latest film, a horror/thriller titled The Woman In The Window, and HOLY HECK, I'm already fully spooked:

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    In the film, Adams plays Anna, a woman with crippling agoraphobia — an anxiety disorder that makes people avoid going places for fear of panic attacks — to the point that she does not leave her home.

    However, that all changes when she allows her new neighbor from across the street, Jane (Julianne Moore), into her home and, subsequently, her life.

    The two become fast friends, but this is a horror/thriller, so you know the first rule: Don't get too attached to anyone or anything.

    One night, Anna goes FULL Rear Window and spies on her neighbors through the window, which causes her to witness something she DEFINITELY should not have.

    This sets in motion the absolutely BONKERS story, in which Jane's husband (Gary. FREAKIN'. Oldman.) claims that Anna has actually never interacted with Jane, and presents a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WOMAN (Jennifer Jason Leigh) as his wife.

    Anna is forced out of the comfort of her home to figure out the truth. Did she imagine all of this? Is Jane's husband trying to cover up a murder by making her look unstable? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!

    Truly, the only think more bonkers than the plot of this film is the INCREDIBLE cast they're working with. No, seriously, how'd they get all of these people in one movie?!

    So uh...yeah. That's it. See this movie because I know I will, and I'm going to need someone to talk about it with after it hits theaters in May 2020!