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    The Trailer For Bo Burnham's First Film Is Here And It's Heartbreakingly Relatable

    "You never know what's next, and that's what makes things exciting."

    So, many of us first learned about Bo Burnham's off-center comedy from his unparalleled success on YouTube back in THE DAY.

    Bo Burnham/Youtube

    "THE DAY" being, like, 2008-ish.

    But, in the past decade, he's grown to be the type of performer who can make you laugh, cry, and think over the course of a 45-minute Netflix special.


    Also, I'm still not over the fact that Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous was canceled because that show was brilliant.

    Well, today we received a trailer for his first feature-length film, Eighth Grade, which he wrote AND directed. Check out the trailer below:

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    A24 / Via

    The film follows 13-year-old Kayla, who is just trying to survive the last week of middle school before being thrust into the genuine nightmarescape that is high school.


    Kayla is seen as "quiet" and reserved by her classmates when, in reality, she's a big, bright personality waiting to open up to people.


    Just the trailer alone has me feeling things because the premise is seriously relatable, especially when you remember how you felt at this incredibly tender age.


    The film has already made the rounds at both Sundance and SXSW, and has received universal praise for Burnham's "alarmingly perceptive" writing and Elsie Fisher's exceptional performance.


    It currently sits at a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    So be sure to go and support this film when it hits select theaters July 13, 2018!


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