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This Is An AP-Level Quiz For Fans Of The Greatest Adventure Film Ever Made ("The Mummy," Obviously)

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The rules here are simple — assuming you're a superfan of the greatest adventure film ever made, 1999's The Mummy, of course: We will present you with nothing but a single quote from the film, and you will tell us which character the quote is attributed to.*

And, in case you're terrible at remembering quotes, there will also be opportunities to earn "bonus" points — DOUBLE points, to be exact — because a regular old quote quiz would've been too easy, anyway! In total, this weighted quiz contains 10 quote questions, plus 10 "bonus" questions. The quote questions are worth one point apiece, while the "bonus" questions are worth two! So, basically, the absolute highest score you can get on this quiz is 30 points!

Ready? I sure hope so! Here we go: