26 Jokes, Memes, And Tweets About "The Mandalorian" Season 1 To Get You Pumped For Season 2

    This! Is! The! Way!

    2020 has been...something else, BUT this week specifically has given us one good thing to look forward to: the return of The Baby Yoda Variety Hour — oops, I mean, the return of The Mandalorian on Disney+.

    So — in an effort to get you even MORE pumped for Season 2 — we've searched the farthest reaches of the galaxy on Twitter and Tumblr to curate the absolute BEST jokes and memes about Season 1 into this easy-to-enjoy list. Here we go:

    1. This timely parallel:

    Be like The Mandalorian: - Avoids mass gatherings - Maintains constant distance from others - Never touches his face - This is the way

    2. This perfect video:

    3. This A+ intro:

    “Hey, I’m the Mandalorian, from The Mandalorian, and you’re watching Disney Plus!”

    4. This hilarious caption:

    5. This expert meme repurpose:

    6. This now-classic quote tweet:

    i would use baby groot as fire wood to keep baby yoda warm https://t.co/0e3Vn6BfCq

    7. This dad joke–tier pun:

    8. This OTHER dad joke–tier pun:

    9. This gender reveal nightmare:

    MANDALORIAN spoiler: The destruction of Alderaan was actually caused by Baby Yoda’s gender reveal party.

    10. This undeniable truth:

    11. This relatable plot point:

    I can’t wait for the scene where The Mandalorian loses Baby Yoda in the grocery store for 30 seconds and has a meltdown

    12. This rightful thirst:

    13. This ~terrified~ target:

    me, with a bounty placed on me, running from the mandalorian

    14. This ideal fast food order:

    15. This Unsolved silliness:

    16. This unexpected moment:

    17. This absolutely hilarious visual:

    18. This poor chickie nuggie:

    19. This ancient Mandalorian eating style:

    20. This love story:

    21. This OTHER love(?) story:

    22. This legit swagger:

    Finally started watching The Mandalorian and haven’t gotten to Baby Yoda yet but am blown away by the swagger of this extra in the bowl hat

    23. This Marvel/Mando crossover:

    24. This understandable desire:

    25. This 2020 mood:

    26. And finally, this reaction that is, somehow, all of us:

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