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    Posted on Oct 17, 2017

    The Han Solo Movie Is Officially Titled "Solo: A Star Wars Story", So It's Time To Get Pumped

    *Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo" plays softly in the distance.*

    So let's cut to the chase, "Han Solo" is the standard to which we should all hold ourselves.


    Am I snarky AF? Check. Great hair? Check. Want to kiss myself I'm so pretty? CHECK, AND CHECK.

    After the success of Rogue One, fans have been anxiously awaiting ANY news on the upcoming Han Solo spin-off, which has undergone its share of ~drama~ behind-the-scenes.


    But this morning, director Ron Howard took to Twitter to announce that filming has officially wrapped, and to put a title to this upcoming *masterpiece of badassery*.

    Hey #Twitterville we just wrapped production so here's a special message #StarWars


    That's right, the Han Solo spin-off will officially be titled Solo: A Star Wars Story, which makes its secret on-set title THAT MUCH FUNNIER.


    Get it? "Red Cup"... Like a solo cup. HA!

    Hopefully this means a teaser is eminent...or a poster OR SOMETHING.


    Oh well, at least we've got The Last Jedi to satiate us until May 25, 2018!


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