The Guys Who Made "The Room" Have A New Movie Coming Out, And It Actually Looks Pretty Good???

    Welcome back, boys.

    It's been 15 years since Tommy Wiseau's The Room was released, and changed the face of cult films forever.

    In the time since the original movie's release, Wiseau's work has gone from being hailed as one of the worst films ever made, to inspiring an Academy Award-nominated origin story starring James Franco.

    And it appears things are only getting better for Wiseau, as today we got our first trailer for Best F(r)iends, his newest film, which is being released in two volumes.

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    Alongside Wiseau, the film also stars Greg Sestero, the best-selling author of The Disaster Artist, the book he wrote based on his experience living and working with Wiseau.

    The film is a black comedy, which follows a drifter (Sestero) who befriends an eccentric mortician (Wiseau).

    The two develop a working relationship, which is tested when one betrays the other and "greed, hatred, and jealousy" ensue.

    And, like...I'm incredibly into this???

    Mostly because I low-key/high-key just want these two to keep making movies, because they're amazing weirdos and the world needs more amazing weirdos.

    So, if you want to support these two artists, make sure to catch volume one of Best F(r)iends when it hits select theaters March 30 and April 2!