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There's A New Teaser Trailer For "Venom" And Just OMG Guys

"We've all got our own demons."

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So, we're all familiar with the tall glass of water that is Tom Hardy, right?

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In case you're for some reason not (I'm sorry), he's a fantastic actor and a passionate dog person.

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And today we received a teaser for his newest film, Venom, just in time for Thirsty Thursday!

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Thank you, Gods of Thirst!

The film will follow Eddie Brock, played by Hardy, and depict his transformation into anti-superhero Venom.


And, if dessert-in-man-form Hardy isn't enough to draw you in, the full cast includes Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, and Woody Harrelson.


Talk about talent, FR.

While we don't get too much in terms of plot from the teaser, we do get a feel for the style and tone (which is very dark, if you ask me).


But people definitely noticed that something BIG seemed to be missing:

"Now, Eventually You Do Plan To Have Venom...In Your #Venom Movie, Right?'

There's no Venom in your Venom trailer.

It will also be interesting to see how this ties into the Spider-Man universe, as Peter Parker's existence plays a HUGE role in the origin story for Venom, though this film is NOT part of Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe (yet).


This is my face trying to figure all of this out.

While the movie doesn't come to theaters until Oct. 5, 2018, I'm definitely intrigued to see more trailers!

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